They arrested my dad

And he was a doctor

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Most people don’t know this about me, but my dad was a practicing MD from 1951 through 2014.

And what happened to my dad was the worst, most shocking thing ever.

See, back in the day, when Dad first started practicing medicine, a doctor could do what he felt was in good conscience.

He could read medical studies and suggest treatments he thought were best for each individual patient, and so forth.

But over the last few decades of Dad’s career, something terrible starts happening…

Big Pharma starts taking over the medical boards.

Big Pharma actually pressures and bribes doctors to prescribe certain treatments.

Because these treatments make them lots of money.

Though sometimes my dad thought these treatments were wrong…

For example, he was very much against all the statin drugs for cholesterol.

They’re dangerous and have a lot of unwanted side effects, especially for men. And they’ve been shown to shorten lifespan.

But the thing is, Big Pharma doesn’t care what doctors think. And they don’t give doctors a choice.

So my dad got into terrible trouble with the medical board one day because of his practices…

…where the board said his methods were not within what is called the “standard of care.”

But you should know that my dad was a terrific doctor. His patients loved him.

And they loved him because he did what was in his best judgment.

But one day, believe it or not, they came out to my dad’s house in broad daylight in front of his neighbors, like a SWAT team…

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…and they pulled him out of his house and handcuffed him and arrested him.

I had to pay for his attorney and all his defense costs because they had seized all of his bank accounts and wouldn’t let him have any of his own money.

And they are actually allowed to do this — arrest you and “freeze” your accounts until after the trial.

And by then, my doctor Dad was almost 90, so he just quit practicing medicine altogether.

But what they did to him was a terrible thing… I’ll never forget it…

Because soon after all this, my dad’s health starts declining fast…

All because he starts taking these Big Pharma treatments that all the doctors are being forced to prescribe.

My poor dad ends up with diabetes and dementia, and wastes away in a nursing home…

And it absolutely killed me to see him like that.

Because before that, he was spry and healthy and never missed a day of work in his life!

So here’s the key point that most men will never get…

Big Pharma wants you to take these treatments of theirs.

Because they make Big Pharma boatloads of money.

But you don’t always need to take these treatments… because many times, there’s another option out there…

You can look at natural remedies that are safer and more effective than any of these Big Pharma treatments and use them to reverse many health problems.

For instance, those statin treatments I mentioned before for high cholesterol…

My dad hated those treatments and now I know why.

They make men really sick and they really don’t do anything to fix men’s cholesterol problems.

Instead, I’ve found a way to manage cholesterol that actually increases testosterone and helps men live healthier, longer lives.

No bad side effects. 100% natural and safe.

And right now it’s free, in honor of my late doctor Dad.

Here’s my natural cholesterol protocol that’s safer and better for men than Big Pharma’s statins


–Matt Cook