The real reason men have low testosterone (doctors don’t tell you)

man holding a pill organizer

Thanks to this, my natural testosterone levels are in the high 800s


Hey, Matt Cook here, and why do men want to boost their testosterone levels?

Well the more testosterone a man has, the better his boners will be…

Libido goes up with more testosterone…

…and a man will perform better in bed too.

More testosterone makes “rockiness” come quicker and more often, and allows a man to last longer with a woman.

Plus, it turns out that high testosterone is actually protective in men…

Men with high testosterone levels are less at risk for heart problems and stroke:

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Men with high testosterone levels tend to have healthier prostates and less risk of prostate cancer:

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And men with high testosterone levels have more lean muscle mass and less fat:

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But here’s the problem with traditional ways of boosting testosterone…

Many men who take supplemental testosterone in the form of gels, pellets, pills, or injections…

….don’t get the benefits of high testosterone like they should.

Sure, their blood levels of testosterone go up… but many men don’t feel better.

Rockiness is no better. Their sex life is still crappy. And sex drive is still low.

This is because studies show that supplemental testosterone turns into the female hormone, estrogen, in man’s body.

There is a chemical enzyme called aromatase in all men that turns excess testosterone into estrogen.

And not just any estrogen…

Estrogen comes in three forms — and the enzyme aromatase turns testosterone into the most potent estrogen called estradiol.

Estradiol is 10 times more potent and powerful than the other types of estrogen.

“But don’t worry,” the Big Pharma companies tell you, “that’s why we have another pill to block those estrogens!”

It’s the same medicine they give women who have breast cancer…

And this “estrogen blocker” is super profitable to the Big Pharma companies…and quite toxic to the male body…

Nobody is telling men this. Because they’re trying to sell men high priced Big Pharma chemicals.

And there’s another huge problem taking testosterone supplements…

Your body down-regulates its own natural testosterone production when you supplement with artificial testosterone.

So you end up making less natural testosterone in your body.

And as if this isn’t enough, the real CAUSES of low testosterone haven’t been fixed — so the rest of your health is going to be out of whack.

Instead, I’m using an inexpensive supplement that blocks estrogen more effectively than Big Pharma treatments — without the side effects…

This simple supplement costs pennies a day…

…and scientists are struck by its ability to zero in on prostate cancer that may be forming and stop the cancer cells cold.

More than that, this cheap supplement has been shown in research to STOP the body from converting testosterone into harmful estrogen.

It’s as effective in blocking estrogen in many cases as the treatments from Big Pharma…

…but Big Pharma doesn’t earn a dime when you use it, so doctors don’t know about it.

The doctors simply aren’t told about it. That’s because there’s no profit in this natural supplement.

And now one bite of this naturally raises my testosterone…

I just pop it in my mouth and feel the surge of energy that comes with having naturally high T.

Having high testosterone will make your muscles stronger, boost your drive and stamina…

…and give you an extra “oomph” when working out or getting busy in bed.

And scientists found that men with higher natural testosterone live longer than men with low testosterone:

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So raising testosterone is the best thing you can do as a man.

Here’s how to pop something in your mouth and naturally increase your testosterone in just a few minutes… 


–Matt Cook