The protests happening where I live

Senior people in nursing home with geriatric garegiver

I need your help please


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Hey, Dr. Magill here, and this is what is keeping me up at night…

This guy’s mother is in a nursing home with dementia.

And he goes to visit Mom, and they won’t let him in to see her.

Because of Covid-19.

Three weeks later, Mom dies. Alone.

So sad, and 45% of Covid-19 deaths are like this — good people stuck in assisted living or nursing homes, and their loved ones aren’t there.

Loved ones are essential.

I’ve seen terrible things in nursing homes and assisted living because an elderly person doesn’t have anyone to visit…

There’s nobody visiting to keep the staff on their best behavior, and to make sure that problems are addressed.

With the rules for Covid-19, loved ones weren’t allowed to see their parents and as a result, nobody was watching over these poor people.

I can’t stand this, it really makes me sad and it’s a big reason why I created this…

Click here for the best way I know to keep a healthy mind and hopefully not have to be in a nursing home or assisted living facility, ever.

Yours for better health and sex,

–Dr. Ari Magill, MD

Board Certified Physician