The neurotrophic factor increases penile sensitivity 70%

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Reverses decades of low penile sensitivity…providing “rockiness” like it was when you were a young man…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and as we age, our penile sensitivity declines up to 70% or more:


This occurs for many reasons — but it results in many common problems including “rockiness” problems, and also the problem of not being able to easily come at all.

But, using this new protocol, men of 60, 70 or 80 are rewinding the clock. Feeling penile sensitivity like they did at 20 years old.

How does it work?

It’s called the neurotrophic factor…and it works by getting to the CAUSE of low penile sensitivity.

What is the cause?

The neural connections between the pleasure-sensing brain and the penile organ diminishes over time.

The neurotrophic factor reverses this — increasing the neural connections between the brain and the male organ.

Increasing the neural connections between the brain and the male organ

The result is that you begin feeling more sensation. Then more. Then when you think it can’t get any better, it does.

The neurotrophic factor increases penile sensitivity 70%

Remember: men can lose 70-80% of their penile sensitivity by the time they’re 50…

But with the neurotrophic factor, you restore sensation and sensitivity back into your member…

…and you can actually INCREASE your pleasure threshold, so you feel more than you ever thought possible…

Who’s it for:

Three situations:

  1. Men who have experienced difficulty getting “rocky”
  2. Men who are going soft during intercourse
  3. Men who grind away and can’t come at all

Once you focus on your lack of penile feeling, you are suddenly aware that this has been a problem forever!

It’s like realizing you need glasses — everything seems fine until you put them on for the first time and realize how much BETTER things can be…

Who it’s not for:

Men who are very happy with their “rockiness” and don’t think it can get any better…

Men who are having frequent intercourse and content with only feeling 20-30% of the pleasure he COULD be feeling…

Try the neurotrophic factor tonight for free to increase your penile sensitivity by 70-80% and experience mind-blowing sexual pleasure.


–Matt Cook