The embarrassing bulge

Young men giving presentation during business meeting

OMG they were all looking at it…


Hey, it’s Matt Cook here, and I don’t know if I’ve told you this story…

…but years ago one of my coaching students was at his office, making a presentation at a meeting…

“And I had been using the metabolic shake for only a short time…

I was getting these constant semis and hard ones at the least whisper of sex.

So I’m going to make this presentation at this company, and when I get there…

…I realize these women at the meeting are in marketing, and they are 20-something years old and super attractive.

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We’re all together in this tight conference room, and it smells that wonderful smell of hot cute girls.

I guess it was the metabolic shake, because I get an embarrassing bulge in my pants…

There’s nothing I could do, but plow on with my Powerpoint.

I guess we all just kept pretending nothing weird was going on…but these girls were definitely peeking and that made it even harder.”

Now I get stories like this all the time, believe it or not!

Men are getting these embarrassing bulges in public, at home, every morning…

…but that’s what happens with the metabolic shake.

The main effect of the metabolic shake is restoring teenage metabolism.

And if you don’t mind the bulging side effects, you can try your own metabolic shake.

Here’s how to make your own metabolic shake that gives you embarrassing bulges and teenage-like metabolism.


–Matt Cook