Supernatural heart attack

He’s lucky to be alive…

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“Matt — Crowley had a heart attack!”

I look up from the study I’m reading to see my wife looking all concerned…

And I’m thinking — “Who is Crowley?”

The confusion must have shown on my face because my wife says: “You know — the guy from Supernatural.”

Suddenly I’m clueing in — “Crowley” is actually an actor named Mark Sheppard who plays in a show my wife loves.

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And when I look into it, I discover that Sheppard didn’t just have 1 heart attack…

…he had SIX massive heart attacks in a row!

And he’s only 59!

He collapsed in the kitchen and was “brought back from [the] dead 4 times,” before learning that he “had a 100% blockage in the LAD.”

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The LAD, or left anterior descending artery, is the largest coronary artery that carries nearly 50% of all blood in the body.

They call this type of cardiovascular event the “Widowmaker” because most men don’t survive it…

So Sheppard aka Crowley is extremely lucky to be alive.

And it gets me wondering — why are so many men having heart attacks?

Even rich, celebrity men who have all the resources to get the best medical care in the world…

If these guys can’t stop heart attacks, who can?

I start pouring all my time and energy into researching what’s really causing heart attacks in men…

…and it leads me to a simple discovery — something any man can do to hopefully prevent heart attacks now and decades from now…

And it works in as little as 90 seconds.

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–Matt Cook