Student finds ancient intercourse book in Moscow University

Happy couple in bed

It’s the only copy known to exist and I’m going to show you what’s inside…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and through a weird connection I have with this Russian guy named Yuri, I was able to see this ancient book on intercourse.

Fancy leather cover, gold stampings. It smelled really weird and looked very, very old.

Yes, it was a “sex” book… but it was completely different than anything I’ve ever seen…

Because sex to the old me was always just a way to discharge my pent up horny feelings.

I would barely last 5 minutes. Just pump, come, and done.

But this book showed me a different way of having sex…

Sex with SO much pleasure and an intense connection that could go on for hours.

Yuri, the Russian student, tells me that this book shows any man how to experience waves and waves of bliss in the bedroom…

And after I tried it, I went from that 5 minute man to a 30 or 40 minute man.

And now I’m enjoying incredible, long-lasting, pleasurable sex 4 or 5 times a week with my wife.

All thanks to what I discovered in this ancient intercourse book


–Matt Cook

PS. If you ever wanted to flip through those ancient books of knowledge that are displayed under bulletproof glass in museums… this is your opportunity.