Stopping the car to do it

Handsome stylish men embracing fashionable young women in car

I only recommend this when it’s dark outside… LOL

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and sometimes Jodi and I pull off the highway and have sex.

We have been married well over 30 years, but we still have that attraction for each other.

I’m not saying that to brag — I’m saying that because most of my friends are in “dead bedrooms,” or they are on their third or fourth marriage, etc. etc.

For instance, there’s this good man, goes by Doc — and he emails me all the time about how difficult it is to be with a woman in this day and age.

A lot of guys prefer being celibate, which is really sad.

So Doc, and anyone else who wants to sport stiffies and have the most amazing connection with a woman: this is for you!

A new protocol I’ve been doing… It’s called the Neurotrophic Factor.

The Neurotrophic Factor gets your brain and penile member feeling exquisite pleasure through your whole body.

And this allows you to get stiff pretty much whenever you want.

The slightest thought or hint of arousal, and boom — I just start growing “down there” now.

The Neurotrophic Factor increases the amount of pleasure and sensitivity I feel in my member, and this lets me last longer.

It works by restoring sensitivity that you have lost down there over the years — you may not even notice at first…

But then you try this and it’s like WOAH. It’s like putting on glasses and seeing clearly for the first time.

You never knew it could feel this good! 

And I’m confident it will work for you too. Just be careful how good it works or you’ll be sporting a stiffy in public like me, LOL.

Here’s the Neurotrophic Factor for men — and it’s free today — get it now and start having the best love life of your entire life


–Matt Cook