Stopping my daughter’s attacker

Angry young women shouting and protecting from men thief with gun on the street

I’ll do anything to protect my family

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and one night I get the call every parent dreads…

My 29-year-old daughter has been threatened in the parking garage by some scumbag.

She was walking to her car and he came up behind her and was about to grab her.

Who knows what he might have done.

But thankfully, I’ve taught my daughter how to defend herself…

how to use one simple move to stop 80% of attacks in an instant.

Her confidence in her ability to protect herself made that scumbag run away.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am… how glad I am that I taught my daughter this one simple move

Without it, who knows what would have happened. I can’t even think about it without breaking out into a cold sweat.

This is a parent’s nightmare… not being able to always be there to protect your children…

But that’s why this one simple move is so important.

I’ve shared it with my wife, my niece, even my elderly mother-in-law.

Because it’s easy enough for all of them to use — there’s no training required and you don’t even have to be in shape.

And guys can use this one move as well — here’s how…


–Matt Cook