Special message from Heather (men only)

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This is a message from Heather, one of Matt Cook’s assistant researchers…

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Hello, I’m Heather, and I work with Matt Cook, helping him read new medical studies…

…and offering a woman’s opinion when it’s helpful…

And I really wanted to reach out and ask you something that I’ve always wanted to know…

Are men jealous of us girls for being able to have multiple O’s, as many as we want?

If you think about it, it really doesn’t seem fair…

As a woman, I can be anywhere, anytime and have a deeply pleasurable O.

There’s no mess, no fuss — no one even knows that I’m feeling this pleasure.

And I can have more than one O — in fact, I can have 3 or 5 or even 10 at a time if I want!

For men, it’s not so simple…

Guys can have one O at a time, and it makes a big mess and it’s pretty noticeable when he’s feeling pleasure…

The big boner in his pants usually gives it away!

And once a guy does have an O, he usually can’t have another for at least a few hours…

This is actually called the “refractory period” for men — right after a man ejaculates, he loses hormones and energy…

And there’s a waiting period before he can get “rocky” or ejaculate again, and ultimately feel O pleasure.

No fun for us girls who want to do it again…and again…

Not to mention — a man can’t have an O without getting rocky!

So if a man is having any “rockiness” problems at all, he can’t feel pleasure.

And that just seems really unfair if you ask me.

So I’ve been asking Matt and doing a lot of research with him on this…

Is it possible for men to have multiple O’s and feel more pleasure?

And can it work for a man whether he has a boner or not?

Can it work for guys in relationships and even single guys on their own?

These are all the things I have been researching with Matt Cook’s help…

And I think we are on the verge of something really EXTRAORDINARY!

If you’re interested in what we’re working on, watch this interview with Matt…multiple male O’s possible at last?

Yours truly,




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  1. Hi Heather
    I understand that you are the assistant of Matt Cook who deals with Refunds as per orders for materials under his 100% guarantee -no questions asked !
    I have received one such refund in the past CALW-202006250454-277710
    and am relying upon you to honor the guarantee promised for the following
    orders which have not arrived or were inadvertently made by me in error.
    My account has been debited on the following dates for the said amounts:
    10/5/20 $49 (IS 177.56) : 10/8/20 (IS 279.04): 27/8/20 (IS 138.57):
    8/9/20 $47 (IS 163.00) : 10/9/20 (IS 273.52) : 10/10/20 $79 (IS 280.91)
    Please acknowledge receipt of this mail and counting on your speedy
    attention to its contents
    Yours sincerely
    Yitzhak Ernest
    CC Matt Cook

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