She snuck up on me in the shower

If it wasn’t so hot, I might have been scared LOL

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and the other day I’m in the shower using this new method I’ve perfected…

And I’m thrilled to see my member start embiggening right before my eyes, springing up and throbbing with power.

I swear, it’s like the more I use this shower method, the better things get!

Because I haven’t been getting this big and this rocky since I was 20 years old.

And while I’m enjoying my shower and the way this method makes me feel, a cool breeze crosses my face…

I turn and see the shower curtain pulled back, and my wife, Jodi, standing there…

Her eyes are trained on my engorged member standing at attention…and she’s got the most peculiar look on her face…

And before I can even say a word, she is taking off her robe and stepping into the shower with me…

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She is kissing me with a hunger I haven’t felt from her in so long! It’s so exciting.

And for the first time in a long time, I last 30 minutes!

We actually have to exit the shower and go finish in the bedroom, LOL.

And I know that without this new method I’ve been using, this would have never happened…

Here’s how my new secret shower method works, so you can try it tonight (and it feels really good too!)


–Matt Cook


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