Sex over 60

Why should love and intimacy have an expiration date?

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve noticed that when it comes to discussing sex as an older person…

Most people don’t want to hear it. They think it’s taboo.

They think older people shouldn’t be having sex. That it’s a young man’s game…

But it’s not.

Sex is healthy and wonderful and rewarding no matter how old you are.

And I believe it’s one of the most important things in life, having that intimate time between you and your partner.

So why should it ever stop?

I have spent decades studying sexual health and put everything I’ve discovered into a new book I’m calling Romance to 120.

My book covers things like:

  • These are the top 5 reasons I’ve found for why older couples stop being physically romantic, and #3 is quite shocking…However, now that I understand why this is happening from both sides of the bed, I’ve been able to easily rekindle my physical relationship with my wife — and I’m showing you exactly how I did it with my new little system that is working great for me…This is how I’m having physical relations with my wife everyday or every other day especially when my drive is high and hers is not…(page 49)
  • 5 delicious, natural foods that helped my wife overcome her change of life and helped maintain and even increase her desire, without treatments or procedures. These foods work by giving the female body key nutrients needed to power her body through this change of life, including one important chemical that often decreases stress and makes this transitional period in a woman’s life easier and less disruptive to her romantic relationships…(page 46)
  • Unique positions that are easier on sore, painful joints, bad backs, or larger bellies that deliver even more enjoyment for both my wife and I…and allow me to last even longer, enhancing our romantic experience and deepening our connection…(page 160)
  • Hear from real men who are living life on the Oxytocin Path, having romantic encounters with a strong love connection every day or every other day with their wives or girlfriends, even in their 60s, 80s, and beyond, and the one single thing they are all doing to stay on this healthy and romantically inclined Oxytocin Path for decades to come…(page 110)
  • I’ve found one toy that many older couples are using to make physical romance more fun and enjoyable for them both. It’s hugely popular because of how easy it is to use and how good it makes both partners feel. Even better, men don’t need to have full function to use this toy and have great romantic encounters…(page 141)
  • …and so much more…

And today I want to offer you Romance to 120 for 83% off — to celebrate love and intimacy with you and yours.

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–Matt Cook