RJ writes: “How I’m getting girls that are out of my league”

women in swimsuits poses with fresh coctails

It’s so easy now, thanks to this secret technique…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and this is a message from a student of mine who’s used this technique with incredible success…I just have to share it with you…


I see her in the gym and immediately want her…

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Completely out of my league, but why should that matter?

I know how to make her want me more than I want her…

So I get closer to her, and she looks up and our eyes meet.

And instantly, a bolt of lightning-like energy leaves my body for hers…

She has no idea what’s happening, but I do.

I watch as her whole body seizes up and her eyes roll back in her head.

It happens in a split second, and then she’s looking at me with lust in her eyes.

And I don’t even have to make the first move…

And all I had to do was focus my sexual lens in her direction…


–Matt Cook



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