Put this drop on your little head – grows and lasts for hours

You use just a drop and watch it grow…

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Do you remember those alarming, embarrassing boners you had as a teenager in class?

So powerful that there was almost nothing stopping it from growing…

…and I was actually praying, hoping that it would go down before the bell rang and everyone had to get up.

Well that’s exactly what happens when you put a small drop of this substance on your member — once you step out of the bathroom you’re already uncontrollably rocky.

So be careful, because if you have traces of this substance on your fingers and you scratch it down there…  it’s going to get embarrassing quick.

These “paint it on and watch it grow” ingredients are natural, proven safe and they have been known for a long time.

But the Big Pharma companies and the smaller supplement companies have chosen to ignore them because there’s no profit in them.

They’re too cheap and there are no patents on them.

Only a few small suppliers sell these substances, and in some cases I’ve mixed my own.

And you can make your own and it will last for months!

Here’s what you paint on down there to watch it grow… 


–Matt Cook