Prolactin is keeping men from being rocky down there

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For men who remember how much better it used to be…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I just got much more rocky and stayed that way…

…and it was better with my wife than it’s been in ages.

And it all has to do with how I lowered my body’s prolactin level.

(It only took me 2 seconds to do this…)

Prolactin isn’t nearly as well-known as estrogen but it should be.

Prolactin is important for “rockiness” and libido — maybe more so than testosterone.

And almost nobody understands how lowering it can be a HUGE benefit to a man.

I lower mine every morning in just two seconds now…and it has huge benefits with my wife and how I feel as a man.

And it lowers my estrogen, too. Plus it raises my T…

Here’s the 2 second technique I’m using every morning


–Matt Cook