Policewoman made me do this

Female hands in police gloves puts handcuffs on man`s hands.

Super embarrassing… Here’s what happened to one of my students.


Hey, Matt Cook here, and this 64-year-old guy was driving home from a conference on the 405 freeway in California…

…and he sees the blue and red lights, and pulls over to an off-ramp and stays in his car.

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Then he sees this policewoman come out of her car and approaches the window.

Of course he rolls down the window, and is in shock.

He’s never seen a hot policewoman.

They always seem to be fat and butch types, but this one is amazing.

She’s almost beautiful.

And this is where this student’s body betrayed him.

He was explaining his speed to the policewoman, and he’s following her eyes, and she’s staring at his crotch.

And indeed, he’s got this embarrassing bulge in his pants.

“I felt like I was in junior high school,” the guy says.

“All day every day I’m just getting ‘rocky’ all the time.

And this was a particularly embarrassing moment.”

“And to make matters worse, they’re much bigger and more engorged than before.”

“It’s like they can poke a hole in a wall. It was SO embarrassing.”

This student has been swallowing 30 cents worth of cheap kitchen and chemically-filled ingredients that I’ve shown him.

And he says, “I couldn’t help it. You get large poles in your pants all day.

It’s a side effect of this crazy shake.”

This story was so crazy that I forgot whether he got a ticket or not.

But in any event, if you feel like trying this out, here’s the metabolic shake that I put together for my students and myself.


–Matt Cook