Playing this naughty game helps me last longer with my wife

Side view of beautiful woman legs with nylons posing sitting on a couch at home

For men who want to feel intense pleasure for as long as possible

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve been playing this fun sex game on my phone…

I play it when I’m waiting for my wife to get her hair done…

I play it when I’m home alone on the weekend…

And I play it with my wife when she’s feeling frisky

And by playing this game, I’m boosting my lasting power and increasing the amount of pleasure I get from sex.

It’s a way of testing your own resolve…

…of seeing how long you can take the most toe-curling pleasurable sensations before blowing your load…

But it’s way better to just play it and see for yourself than listen to me tell you about it.

Play the Intenso Game as many times as you want here


–Matt Cook



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