Penetrate her this way – it helps her get a mega O

Here’s how you should be doing it

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and fun fact: the clitoris’ one and only function is pleasure.

But the irony is… the female orgasm is often viewed as being magical and difficult to produce.

For men it’s easy — the big O just shows up without you even needing to cultivate it.

But when it comes to women, it becomes frustrating when she can’t climax.

Who doesn’t want more pleasure? Your woman sure does!

Turns out that getting her to climax powerfully and continuously all boils down to a simple but unique method of penetrating her

…a method that you can use to produce more (and better!) O’s for her.

So I think it’s really important you hear everything about this…

Even the juicy details…

Especially the juicy details…

Find a private place though… this is definitely NOT PG-13…


–Matt Cook