One big reason why you should boost your load size

Passionate couple in bedroom is having sex.

Hint: it makes your O’s feel even better


Hey, Matt Cook here, and most guys I talk to aren’t that concerned with the size of their loads…

They don’t care if they ejaculate a lot or a little…and why should they?

But what if I told you boosting load size can increase pleasure — because it’s true!

Here’s how it works…

When a guy comes, it happens in two phases

With Phase One, the tip of the male member, the urethral sphincter — it starts contracting…

And these contractions are super pleasant for the man and often described as a pumping feeling.

And then there’s Phase Two, when the semen starts flowing out while the head of the member contracts…

So that mind-blowing feeling you get when you come is semen passing through your member.

And the more semen you have, the longer it takes to travel, allowing you to come for longer and feel pleasure for longer…

And this is why men experience stronger, more pleasurable O’s when they’re shooting bigger loads!

And that’s not all bigger loads are good for…

Did you know shooting bigger loads makes a woman’s O more intense too?

It’s true! And I’m going to prove it to you

…and I’m showing you exactly how to get bigger loads at home using a few simple foods — so your O’s are out of this world experiences that last as long as humanly possible…


–Matt Cook



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