Once you experience this, you can’t go back

Selective focus of young couple lying in bed during foreplay

This hot wires a man’s pleasure centers for more explosive full-body O’s

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I was so jealous of my wife Jodi…once she came at least 6 times…

…so I wanted a way to have multiple male orgasms without fuss, without muss, and as many as 5 or 10 in a day.

I wanted these orgasms to be “dry” so that there is no ejaculation involved.

No “refractory” period.

No “hangover” lasting days or weeks.

In fact I wanted these Os to leave a man refreshed and energetic, not spent and depleted.

I wanted these orgasms to provide amazing feelings continuing on and on and on.

I wanted to be able to have some Os in the morning, then in the afternoon or evening.

I wanted this to be any time, for men with a partner or men who are on their own.

I wanted it to enhance intercourse, improve “rockiness” and also make prostate problems a thing of the past.

I wanted this to work for a man who at the moment is experiencing problems getting “rocky”…and hopefully this method would improve “rockiness” for partner sex.

I think I found all of it and much more — in the Hotwire Pleasure Protocol.


–Matt Cook