Nookie 0 times a week to 4 times a week

This changed everything for me in the sex department

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and after my kids were born, there was a period of time where my wife and I weren’t being intimate.

This happens fairly often to couples, even childless couples who have been together a long time.

Life gets busy and stressful, and sex falls to the wayside.

Or you just become so used to each other… you lose that “spark”…

Well here’s a way to change all that…

This worked for me back then, and it’s still working for me now.

It’s a slightly new way of making love, a simple tweak to what you’re already doing…

And my wife absolutely loves this. To the point where she’s initiating sex now…

And we went from having no sex — to sex at least 4 times a week…

More often, we’re having sex everyday or every other day… sometimes even twice a day!

And it’s only because of what I call “Nirvana Sex” — a simple tweak to making love that will make everything 10 times better for you AND her


–Matt Cook