My embarrassing senile moment

I still cringe thinking about it

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and it was 3 years ago, at a family gathering, when something happened that changed everything for me…

There I am sitting in a chair, talking to my sister and her husband, when one of their kids runs up to us.

He interrupts us as kids his age tend to do, and starts talking about the last family reunion.

And then he asks me something… he asks me if I remember something that happened the last time we were all together…

But I can’t remember what he’s talking about.

The other adults at the table say, “Yes, Matt. Don’t you remember?”

Even my sister is nodding along and laughing as she recalls this event that I can’t remember at all.

The kid can see it on my face that I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

And he says the worst thing he can say:

“Uncle Matt, you can’t remember? You’re worse than great-grandma!”

And he’s talking about my mother’s mother who is very, very old, and living in a nursing home with terrible dementia.

Everyone at the table laughs and I manage a weak smile.

But inside, I’m mortified.

And later that night, lying awake thinking about it, I start wondering what other things I’ve forgotten…

And that one small moment stays with me and motivates me to find a way to improve my memory and give my brain a boost…

I just never thought in a million years it could be as easy as sprinkling a pinch of this in my water…


–Matt Cook