Men who live past 100 — here’s the one thing they have in common

Group of men looking impressed

You will probably never meet these men who often live to 95 or older — but here’s their secret…


They are not vegetarians. They regularly eat meat, even pork.

They are not physical fitness nuts.

NONE of them work out, and NONE of them do purposeful physical exercise.

They are often smokers.

And no, they are not genetically gifted…when these men move to the typical Western country, they stop living long lives.

This proves their long life and virility has to do with lifestyle, not genetics.

And the most striking thing is, these men have congress with their wives practically until the day they die…

…well into their 90s and even low 100s.

…and I’ve found ONE major health “trick” these men ALL do…

…this ONE health trick gives them long LIFE, bedroom performance, AND cancer-free health…

(Hint: high blood pressure and high cholesterol may be ESSENTIAL to these men’s health)

Here is the weird health “trick” I discovered these men all have in common…


–Matt Cook