Men: here’s how to turn your high cholesterol into high testosterone

Senior men and his guardian talking to the doctor in hospital

This is a natural process that also strengthens rockiness!


Hey, Matt Cook here, and on Monday I shared a very personal story with you about my doctor dad…

And I told you about the terrible thing that happened to him — how he was forced to stop practicing medicine for refusing to prescribe certain treatments.

And one of those treatments was statins. Statins for high cholesterol.

These statins are so, so bad for men.

They cause rockiness problems.

They can cause cancer.

They only help less than 3% of men who take them.

And they actually hurt men’s testosterone levels.

So I’ve come up with a natural solution to high cholesterol…

Since cholesterol is a natural building block of testosterone…

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…and since you need cholesterol to have good, high, healthy testosterone as a man…

…I’ve come up with a natural method that improves and speeds up this conversion of cholesterol into testosterone.

So what this means is that men can naturally be lowering their cholesterol by turning it into testosterone!

And what man doesn’t want high testosterone? Testosterone is like the holy grail for men.

More testosterone means better rockiness, higher libido, more muscle mass, less belly fat, more energy and stamina, and even better heart and prostate health!

And with my natural method, men can avoid dangerous statins.

I call this natural method Protocol C2T.

Protocol C2T works by increasing your metabolic rate, so your body starts converting cholesterol into testosterone again.

And not only does it restore this important factory process in the body, it makes it happen faster.

It’s like hiring more workers for the testosterone factory…

With a low metabolic rate, your testosterone factory is operating without enough manpower, so the inventory — the cholesterol — keeps piling up…

But when you hire more workers, suddenly the testosterone factory is running at full-speed again.

And this is exactly how Protocol C2T works when increasing your metabolic rate.

It stops the cholesterol from being piled up in the body, and instead starts turning that cholesterol into testosterone again.

And within days or weeks, your cholesterol levels will slowly fall, while your testosterone levels will gradually move up to normal levels…

And you are now experiencing all the benefits of living the high T life, while also pleasing your doctor with your perfect cholesterol levels.

You’ll be like me:

“Now that I’ve been using Protocol C2T, my doctor can’t believe my lab results…”

My cholesterol has fallen to a healthy 221 from a whopping 280.

And my testosterone has shot up to almost 1,000.

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Better yet, my rockiness is even stronger and longer-lasting than before.

It’s like I can go for hours now without blowing my load.

I’m performing better than I did as a young man, and my wife is LOVING it.

And you too can use Protocol C2T and enjoy all the same benefits.

In fact, I’m giving Protocol C2T away free — but only to the first 77 men.

That’s not my rule — that’s my publisher’s rule.

He says if I give everything away for free all the time, we won’t have a business anymore LOL.

So don’t miss this opportunity to get Protocol C2T for free!

Protocol C2T will totally take your cholesterol down to around 200 which is right where men want to be.

You don’t want cholesterol lower than 200 because then your production of testosterone will be low.

It’s a delicate balance.

And it will raise your natural testosterone levels at the same time. What’s not to love?

So if you want to try and get off the statins (with your doctor’s blessing) and turn that high cholesterol into high testosterone…click here.


–Matt Cook