Men doing this have higher T

You can get high T without gels, patches, or injections — here’s how

Hey, Matt Cook here, and here’s something shocking I discovered…

Most older men have no problem producing testosterone.

In fact, many older men produce lots of natural testosterone just fine.

Yet they still have low T…

And the reason is because of a little process called aromatization.

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With aromatization, the body takes freshly made testosterone and converts it into estrogen.

Or if you’re taking T treatments from the doc, that supplemental T gets turned into estrogen…

Not good for a man who wants to have high T!

It’s as if you’re in the kitchen making lots of food, filling plate after plate…

But you don’t get to eat even one bite.

Every time you make a new plate of food and reach for it, it’s gone.

And that’s what’s happening in the male body with aromatization — every time testosterone is made, it just gets converted into estrogen.

Well, my Tee Soup helps stop the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

So now my Leydig cells are producing testosterone and the majority of it is STAYING testosterone…

It is no longer being converted into estrogen in my body.

And better yet, my Tee Soup helps make sure the extra estrogen that’s been building up in my body LEAVES my body.

For good — instead of just piling up in the gut, which is what usually happens.

And finally, my testosterone starts to rise…

And today it is almost 900, which is higher than most men in their 20s!

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Pretty cool, right? And it’s totally natural this way, without any treatments from the doc!

Here’s the Tee soup recipe for men — free with these benefits


–Matt Cook