Last chance today — activate the Neurotrophic Factor for free

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Wake up this part of your brain to start feeling more pleasure “down there”


Hey, Matt Cook here, and all week I’ve been telling you about my new discovery — the Neurotrophic Factor.

That’s because it’s sensationally good at making men feel a LOT more “down there.”

Ever since I discovered that men can lose up to 70% of the feeling in their penis, I’ve been looking for a solution…

And finally, I’ve found it with the Neurotrophic Factor.

The Neurotrophic Factor is a teeny, tiny little cluster of brain cells that you can “wake up” with a simple little trick.

And when you wake up this special part of the brain, it sends a message to your brain’s pleasure center.

And the pleasure center receives the message and begins strengthening the neural connections between the penis and the brain.

And that’s not all it does…

When you activate the Neurotrophic Factor, you actually increase the neural connections between the brain and the penis…

Not only do they start firing up like they did when you were a young man, sending stronger signals back and forth…

…your brain also makes brand new neural connections, so your pleasure can continue to increase to new heights.

And the result is that you begin feeling more sensation. Then more. Then when you think it can’t get any better, it does.

And soon you’ve restored 70% more sensation in your member and it’s a whole new world…

I want you to experience this for free — but my publisher agreed to only release this to the first 75 guys… 

So after today, I may not be able to offer you this for free anymore.

My publisher wants to collect some testimonials from the first 75 guys and lock it up in the vault until we’re done analyzing the results…

So if you want to try the Neurotrophic Factor for free, now is the time!

Here are all the benefits of activating the Neurotrophic Factor… 

  • Up to 70% more sensation in your penis
    • When you activate the Neurotrophic Factor, you increase penile sensitivity, so sensation and pleasure grows!
    • Now you’re feeling more than you ever felt before… it’s like getting glasses and REALLY seeing for the first time…
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  • Frequent, full boners
    • When you strengthen the connection between your brain and penis, “rockiness” come more easily and more often…
    • It’s like a whisper of the wind can get you stiff now!
  • Longer-lasting “rockiness”
    • Activating the Neurotrophic Factor gives you more control over your own pleasure and climax…
    • Now you last as long as you want and feel pleasure the whole time, and only come when you’re good and ready…
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  • Better sexual performance
    • You’re feeling more, you’re lasting longer, and your boners are stronger and more dependable than ever… so of course your performance is better!
    • You’re performing like a young man again in bed, maybe even better. Except now you don’t come right away, LOL
    • And don’t be surprised if your wife or girlfriend can’t stop talking about how good things were last night… and every night thereafter!
  • Increased confidence, especially for single men
    • Even if you don’t yet have a partner, activating the Neurotrophic Factor will keep improving things “down there”…
    • So the next time you are with a woman, you will have no trouble satisfying her in bed.
    • This is the kind of confidence other men only dream of having…
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  • Add 27 years of fun and fulfilling sex to your life
    • When you activate the Neurotrophic Factor, you’re not only improving your own sex life, but your partner’s too!
    • This will open up a whole new exciting world of pleasure and satisfaction for you both, and improve your sex life in the long run.
    • Many men report having 3-5 times more sex each week, sometimes even twice in one day!
  • …and much more…

Activate the Neurotrophic Factor for free right now


–Matt Cook

PS. This expires on Sunday evening! Don’t miss out.