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Hey, Matt Cook here, and this week I’ve been given the green light to share one of my best protocols for free.

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This is my ProLONG Protocol which involves a very simple but powerful 2-second technique.

And it’s the only thing that’s ever helped me reverse premature ejaculation (PE) and last longer and longer…

…and longer and longer in bed, with a woman or by myself…

Thanks to this, I last as long as I want every time I have sex, without having to take any pills or use any creams or gels.

This is totally natural — it’s just a simple 2-second technique I’ve perfected that any guy can use.

And my ProLONG Protocol isn’t just for guys with PE…

It’s for any guy who wants to last 30, 60, or even 90 minutes.

This works by addressing the root cause of PE — a biological reflex that tightens the pelvic floor muscles.

This biological reflex was a survival response back in the early days of mankind — when impregnating women was key to survival.

But now it just works against us big time in the bedroom!

Nowadays, we call this premature ejaculation (PE), and for many men, it completely sabotages their sex life.

And it’s all because this ancient reflex is still taking over…like it’s on autopilot…

So I’ve found a way to override this reflex with a simple 2-second technique.

And it’s a way of giving men full control over their own lasting power.

It overrides this reflex.

It’s a master control switch you can use in just 2 seconds to overcome PE and last as long as you want.

And remember, this technique is completely natural.

You don’t have to buy anything or use any weird pumps.

It’s something any man can do, alone or with a partner.

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And it will help you last longer and longer in bed, until 90 minute sex is effortless for you.

Until you are the talk of all your wife’s friends, who wish their husbands could last that long!

Here are all the benefits men can get out of using this 2-second technique:

  • Naturally reverse premature ejaculation (PE)
    • Coming too soon affects every man at some point or another…and for some guys, it becomes a stubborn, annoying problem they can’t solve with traditional treatments…which is why my Revolutionary PE Solution is completely different from anything you’ve ever seen before. My solution addresses the root cause of PE, which doctors are still getting wrong…
    • The ProLONG Protocol works by fixing the root cause of PE — and no, feeling too much sensation, or getting too excited, is NOT the cause of PE — instead, PE is caused most often by overly-tight pelvic floor muscles. And with a very simple 2-Second Technique, you can relax the pelvic floor muscles and finally stop busting your load so soon — this gives you full control…
  • Start lasting as long as you want — even 60 or 90 minutes
    • Overcome the Caveman Reflex without having to control anything or use mind games or thick condoms or desensitizing liquids — the 2-Second Technique makes sex last, and last, and last…with NOTHING to remember or do differently…
    • And the more you use this technique, the longer you can last…30 minutes turns into 60 minutes…60 minutes turns into 90 minutes…some men even find themselves lasting 2 full hours with my ProLONG Protocol! And then you’re blowing your wife or girlfriend away with your ability to Last 30 Minutes or More Every Single Time you do it…
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  • Enjoy more pleasurable sexual experiences
    • Now that you’re Lasting As Long As You Want, you are able to enjoy so much more pleasure…you’re no longer stuck up in your head, trying not to come. Instead, you are fully in the moment, able to enjoy every single minute of pleasure and feel it all with no distractions whatsoever…
    • With this 2-second technique, it’s easy to Lose Yourself in the Experience Without Losing Control. Now you’re feeling more pleasure, and you are connecting with your partner in a deeper way… so sex becomes even better than you thought possible…the way it should be for every man, until the day he dies…
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  • Feel more confident and dominant in the bedroom
    • You’re loving this feeling…because you have Complete Confidence in your abilities to last 30 minutes or more whenever you’re with a woman. So you know you have what it takes to blow her mind in bed. And odds are, you’re about to Be the Best She’s Ever Had
    • So many men are only lasting 5 or 10 minutes, and women are too polite to say anything, even though they’re not getting what they need from intercourse this way…Which is why when you use the ProLONG Protocol, you become the Dominant Alpha Man every woman wants. You are able to outperform any other man, even guys half your age. You know it and they know it that you’ve got them beat…
  • Increase your arousal levels
    • When you are using this 2-second technique, you will see how easy it is to be Monitoring Your Own Arousal during intercourse — so you never hit your peak too soon ever again. You will be able to control your arousal levels whenever, wherever you are, and it is effortless…and it boosts your libido, so you have more drive and more sexual energy all the time…
    • You’ll also discover how to swim in the Great Lake of Pleasure — when you’re feeling aroused and you’re in a big lake, and there’s a waterfall on one end with big pools of pleasure leading up to it…You want to stay in these Pools of Pleasure for as long as you can and only crest that waterfall when you’re good and ready…
  • Avoid gimmicks and numbing agents
    • With my ProLONG Protocol, there are NO mind games, nothing to memorize or remember…
    • There are NO numbing agents to use — no creams, no ointments, no gels.
    • You do NOT need to buy any herbs or medications to use my ProLONG Protocol.
    • You don’t have to buy anything at all… it’s FREE!

Just a few spots remain — click here


–Matt Cook