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It gives you a power that women can’t resist…


Dr. Ari Magill MD is a board-certified physician who believes in helping men help themselves by living naturally healthy, happy, and sexy lives. He is a paid sponsor of our newsletter. Today he is revealing a scientific attraction secret that every man is dying to get their hands on…


My name is Dr. Ari Magill and every man wants more sex and more love.

And right now, I’m going to reveal a scientifically proven way to get both — perfect whether you are married or single.

As you may know, I am a board-certified neurologist.

Every Friday, I help treat veterans with terrible brain injuries.

Mondays I do research with Alzheimer’s patients. I study the brain to find new ways to keep the mind young.

Many of my patients tell me that the worst part about having a failing mind and memory is how old it makes them appear to other people.

And just to be crude, this interferes with their chances of getting laid.

That’s why men want to seem smart and on their game, no matter how old they are.

They want to date young, beautiful women if they’re single…

And if they’re married, they want to appear younger and more attractive to their wives.

But their memory and their brain problems drag them down.

For instance, they’re talking to their wife or girlfriend, and suddenly can’t remember what they’re even talking about…

They are about to answer, or are in mid sentence, and then their mind is blank…

How frequently is this happening to you?

Maybe you already know some tricks to covering up these lapses… but the memory lapses are getting more and more frequent, aren’t they?

And even though you think you’re covering up memory lapses…

…you really aren’t fooling anybody.

People around you are noticing.

As soon as they are seeing you have memory lapses and forgetting things all the time…

…they start seeing you as an old man…

And once they see you this way, it can be very difficult to change their mind…

But don’t worry — because as a medical doctor specializing in brain and mind problems…

…I’m writing to you today to give you some fantastic news…

You can easily keep a young brain no matter how old you are, thanks to my latest creation that’s just for men…

Here it is… ready?

It’s a little sexy brain booster called Urgent Brain Assist.

I invented Urgent Brain Assist to help support a healthy brain aging — but as an added bonus, it gives you a sexy mentalism women can’t resist.

It works by supporting key brain chemicals that tend to decline as we age.

A young brain produces tons of important brain chemicals such as dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine, and many you haven’t heard of.

These brain chemicals are responsible for memory and mood, and they keep our minds sharp.

But as we age, these key brain chemicals start to run low…

And as the brain runs low on key brain chemicals, parts of our brain begin to shrink…

And these shrinking brain areas are critical for high cognitive function and encoding new memories.

Running low on key brain chemicals makes our memory and mind begin to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n…

The brain starts making fewer connections and we start forgetting things…

First it’s just a few slips of the mind — forgetting a meeting or leaving your lunch at home.

But then you start having trouble recalling names and numbers, even people you’ve known for a long time…

And multi-tasking gets more and more difficult…

You’re only able to really focus on one thing at a time and it’s slowing your productivity down big time.

And learning something new? Forget it.

Seriously, you’ll just forget it.

Your brain just seems to be unable to grasp any new ideas and it’s so frustrating.

And before you know it, you’re forgetting whole events and losing chunks of time.

These are all symptoms of an aging brain — a brain with less key brain chemicals.

However, here’s what happens when you increase these important brain chemicals…

Now you are thinking clearer and faster.

And your memory seems to be better too.

Answers just appear now.

You are no longer tongue-tied, and you’re always able to remember key facts, faces, and events.

It’s like you’re suddenly smarter.

And everyone is noticing.

Your coworkers, your family, your friends. Your wife or your girlfriend.

And not only are you appearing younger, you’re feeling younger too.

You feel like your memory is better than it was when you were a kid.

And you have increased confidence in yourself — in being put on the spot in front of other people.

Because you feel like you’re remembering everything so much better.

But the best part of Urgent Brain Assist? The sexy mentalism you gain that makes women fawn all over you.

It’s like having a girl magnet strapped to your manhood.

Thanks to this sexy little brain booster, you are feeling like the most attractive man in the world.

Women are making moves on YOU for a change and are not shy about touching your leg or brushing your arm with theirs…

They want you BAD. Because you’ve got it going on upstairs.

You know just how to stimulate them to get them eager to take their clothes off and mount you.

Whether you’re married or single, Urgent Brain Assist will help you attract any girl you want and have more sex and more love in your life.

Urgent Brain Assist is just for men (although women can use it too), and it’s made from completely natural and safe ingredients that are carefully sourced from the safest sources and tested for purity.

I find it makes a subtle, but profound difference when I am using Urgent Brain Assist.

I feel like my mind is functioning better.

I feel more confident in my memory and in my mental abilities.

And I’ve been hitting it off with every woman I meet.

It’s a wonderful feeling!

I have looked at all sorts of ingredients, and I hand-picked these specific ones for a young mind and a sexy mentalism women can’t resist.

There’s Chinese Club Moss extract

Throughout history, the Chinese have been using club moss extract to clear the mind.

They call it Qian Ceng Ta. It’s a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, and some swear it makes them smarter.

The ancient Druids are also known to have used club moss, as it grows widely throughout Europe and Asia.

Chinese club moss has many benefits in maintaining key brain chemicals that decline in an aging brain.1

So you can be sure I put a healthy dose of Chinese club moss extract in Urgent Brain Assist.

Then there’s Lion’s Mane extract, which comes from a type of mushroom that’s long been used in traditional Chinese medicine too.

Lion’s mane has neuroregenerative properties, which means it repairs and regrows brain cells.2

In a study done on mice, lion’s mane extract helped the mice perform better on a memory test.3

And it’s also been shown to help destroy amyloid plaques that form in the brain and cause memory issues.

So that’s another key ingredient in Urgent Brain Assist.

Then there’s also Vinca Minor extract which is derived from the seeds of the periwinkle plant.

Components in vinca minor extract have been proven to increase brain blood flow.4

And when brain blood flow increases, inflammation in the brain goes down and brain metabolism gets a boost.

And when the brain metabolism gets a boost, more key brain chemicals are produced.

There have been many studies conducted on Vinpocetine and all of them have shown very promising results for the brain.5

It’s now being used in Japan, Russia, and numerous other European countries to naturally improve memory and keep the brain young.

And one of the most important ingredients in Urgent Brain Assist is Uridine Monophosphate.

Uridine is found naturally in our cells. It also occurs in high amounts in some foods such as sugarcane, tomatoes and broccoli.

But we can’t get high enough amounts of uridine from our diet to get the full benefit of this amazing supplement.

Uridine Monophosphate activates the dopamine receptors in the brain and increases the amount of key brain chemicals produced.

In a study done on rats, scientists found that Uridine Monophosphate increased striatal dopamine release and improved cognitive function.6

Isn’t it wonderful to have all these advanced herbs and natural support for your healthy brain and mind and memory?

And to have even more impact, I put a generous helping of certain special forms of B vitamins in this brain supplement.

B vitamins are essential for the brain.7

Not only do they affect mood, they are essential in creating key brain chemicals.8

It can be difficult for us to get the right amount of B vitamins from diet alone…

…and to use the right form of certain B vitamins…

I’ve put a mixture of the right type and form of B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12 in Urgent Brain Assist, and they’re all the purest forms you can find.

For instance, I chose pyridoxal phosphate instead of normal B6 because it’s an active form of the vitamin.

And the active form has a stronger effect in the body and the effects last longer.

I also chose methylfolate — the purest form of vitamin B9 you can find.

I don’t believe that the common folic acid is healthy for people. But methylfolate is the natural form found in vegetables.

This type of B9 plays a large role in preserving memory throughout the aging process.9

It’s a powerhouse.

And of course, we can’t forget an all important B vitamin — riboflavin.

Riboflavin boosts the brain energy metabolism big-time, and it’s even been shown to help with traumatic brain injuries.10

So it can actually undo brain damage and potentially make you smarter.

So all of those important B vitamins are in every dose of Urgent Brain Assist.

And I also put some essential amino acids in there — like ʟ‑Serine, ʟ‑Pyroglutamate, and an extract of the mucuna pruriens plant, ʟ‑DOPA.

They’re found in plants and it’s amazing how somehow God has provided key brain, mind, and memory supports in common plants and herbs.

When I was working on the formula, one thing I was concerned about is something you may not have heard of…

It’s called Molybdenum — and most of us are short of this key molecule in our brains.

In one study, scientists bought food at the grocery store and found it had a much lower molybdenum content than anyone thought.11

This is alarming because molybdenum helps us deal with sulfites in foods, and process caffeine.12

Young people deficient in molybdenum don’t get the nutrients they need for the brain to develop properly, and this can hurt mind and memory.13

Speaking of nutrients, Acetylcarnitine is another ingredient in Urgent Brain Assist.

It’s also produced naturally by the body, and when you take just a little dose, you boost the brain’s mitochondrial function and improve overall brain function.14

And last but not least, there’s a little bit of Citicoline in Urgent Brain Assist as well.

Citicoline is a brain chemical that naturally occurs in our cells and organs.

It’s needed to release dopamine in the brain, and it also destroys harmful free radicals.15

So all together, these ingredients combine to make one powerful sexy little brain supplement.

And here’s why Urgent Brain Assist is so much better than all the other “brain pills” on the market…

Now I’m no dummy — I know that there are other so-called “brain pills” out there.

But all of them contain dangerous and harmful ingredients that I’d never put in Urgent Brain Assist.

And that’s why my supplement is better than all the rest.

For instance, there’s no resveratrol in Urgent Brain Assist because it’s actually an estrogen compound.16

Resveratrol is even more potent than soy and should be avoided by all men.

In one experiment, resveratrol increased the growth of human breast cancer.

It can also be assumed that it will also increase the growth of prostate cancer cells too.

As the authors of this important study conclude, resveratrol’s “estrogenic properties may produce undesirable side effects and limit the circumstances under which it can be used safely.”

No way do I want to take something in my body that is estrogenic!

There’s also no caffeine in Urgent Brain Assist…

Now I’ve got nothing against caffeine. I like my coffee just as much as the next guy.

But a lot of folks are sensitive to caffeine, so I didn’t want to include any.

So you won’t find any in Urgent Brain Assist.

You also won’t find any phosphatidylserine in this supplement.

Why? Because although serine is mighty useful for the brain and memory…

…the bad part is they make phosphatidylserine from soy…

And that process means that phosphatidylserine contains some bad apples in it — polyunsaturated fatty acids that I try really hard to avoid.

So I use a uniquely useful form of serine instead — and you will enjoy the benefits when you feel more confident in your memory…

…and you are feeling smarter and more able and just plain young!

This serine is real expensive — but I think it’s worth it, so I put a generous helping into Urgent Brain Assist.

And lastly, I put absolutely zero harmful powders in Urgent Brain Assist — read the labels of other brain pills and prepare to get hopping mad…

My Urgent Brain Assist doesn’t contain poisons that most supplements do have in them.

Virtually all other supplements have what are called excipients.

What are excipients?

Extra powders and chemicals that the manufacturer puts in — to make the supplement powder look whiter, cleaner, and make it flow freely on the machinery at the factory.

But studies are showing more and more that these excipients that are in virtually ALL other supplements are super dangerous.

Look on the label of other supplements…

Do you see titanium dioxide? Do you see silicon dioxide?

Microcrystalline cellulose? Rice bran powder?

The trouble with ALL these powders (yes, even rice bran powder) is that the particles are so small.

Small particles go right through the gut wall and enter the rest of your body. This is called persorption.

In the 1960s, a famous scientist named Dr. Volkheimer gave rats or mice various powders in their food.17

The powders were later found in the rats bloodstream, in the nerve and brain tissue, basically everywhere in the rat’s body.

So whatever fine powders are given to a person, they find their way into every nook and cranny of the human body.

These bad powders, these excipients, have no trouble entering our body through the gut wall.

They even enter the lymph nodes, and from there, are found everywhere in our bodies.

They are very bad for us, especially titanium dioxide powder, silicon dioxide powder, and rice bran.

Exactly the powders used (among others) in most other supplements (but not mine).

And recently, the FDA issued a warning about sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide powder.18

These powders enter the skin, enter the body, and can increase chances of cancer.

But people have been using these bad sunscreens for many years.

The FDA is very slow to act on the dangers of these powders that are routinely put into most supplements (but not mine).

I proudly assure you that I have taken every precaution to avoid putting any of these powders into Urgent Brain Assist.

Unlike other products, mine has no titanium dioxide, no silicon dioxide, and no rice bran powder.

I use a proven and safe form of vitamin C, called ascorbyl palmitate, and that’s the only thing I put in to make it pour right in our manufacturing facility.

My competitors should be ashamed of themselves.

And you should make sure you strongly consider my supplement because I am taking every precaution on your behalf — and I use this myself!

Just click here to get a bottle (or two) of Urgent Brain Assist right now.

And if you’re still here, let me answer some questions I often get about being successful with Urgent Brain Assist

How much does it cost?

Urgent Brain Assist is made from precious ingredients that are hard to get ahold of.

I set a really high bar for quality and I do all kinds of testing to make sure you’re only getting the best of the best in every bottle of Urgent Brain Assist.

And even though the ingredients are very expensive, I’m not here to charge a fortune and get rich.

So you can get Urgent Brain Assist for less than a cup of good coffee every day.

How often do I take it?

Most people take 2 capsules per day.

How long will one bottle last me?

One bottle will last you for an entire month.

How much will this improve my life?

Because Urgent Brain Assist starts working right away.

And it will make you feel young like a 20 year old again.

It helps you feel like the sharpest tool in the shed, and it makes you the most confident man in the room.

You will have so much confidence in everything you do because you will feel smarter and more on your game than ever before.

It’s a wonderful feeling, let me tell you…

Should I keep taking it even after I’m thrilled with my younger, smarter brain?

In order to be a true YoungBrain and keep enjoying the benefits, you have to keep taking Urgent Brain Assist.

It’s all-natural and nothing is in it that’s not good for you, so it’s really a no-brainer.

Ha, see what I did there?

But you don’t have to decide now — first try Urgent Brain Assist completely risk-free.

You can get this powerful formula, backed by more than 11 guarantees, and see how well it works for you before deciding.

I think you’ll be delighted personally, but it’s up to you if you want to try it.

Just give it a go and see how well it works for you. If there’s no risk, there’s nothing to lose.

And if you aren’t pleased as punch, just let me know and return whatever you haven’t used…and you’ll get every dime of your money back, for any reason or no reason.

You have a full 60 days to try out my Urgent Brain Assist with my full money-back guarantee.

I really think you’re going to love this and love the man you become.

I want you to try out my Urgent Brain Assist because I’m so sure it’s good for you, that I want you to just try it.

Try it, that’s all I’m asking.

Just click here to get any size order of Urgent Brain Assist right now.

Now there is one thing I do have to warn you about… we only have 3,000 bottles and we don’t know when we’ll get more…

We’re technically still in the first “test launch” of the most revolutionary smart pill ever created.

So that means we only have 3,000 bottles and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

We can’t be certain when we’ll get more and how many more we’ll get.

So this is your chance to get as many bottles of Urgent Brain Assist as you can before it’s too late.

Here’s what people are saying about Urgent Male Labs products…

I’ve actually developed two other supplements for men — Urgent Prostate Assist and Urgent Male Assist.

And all of my Urgent Male Labs products do wonders for men.

Married men, single men. Men in their 40’s and men in their 80’s.

Here’s what men have to say about my supplements:

So are you ready to feel like a true YoungBrain and appear decades younger than you really are?

Are you ready to leave those embarrassing, mortifying moments of when you can’t remember far, far behind you?

Are you ready to start feeling like the smartest man in the room?

Are you ready for the attention you’re going to get, when everyone can’t get over how quick-witted and on-your-game you are?

Are you?

This is your chance to appear decades younger than you really are…

Your chance to feel like you have the best memory and the youngest mind out of everyone you know.

So are you going to let it slip by you?

Or are you going to become a true YoungBrain with Urgent Brain Assist?

Join 21,262 men using Urgent Brain Assist right now.

Yours for better health and sex,

–Dr. Ari Magill, MD
Board Certified Physician



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