Is your gut causing rockiness problems? Take this quick test

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Do this right now — may boost rockiness right away


Hey, Matt Cook here, and right now this very moment…

…vats of raw sewage may be leaking from your gut into your penis, your prostate, your entire body…

A leaky gut lets this raw sewage escape into the rest of the body like a whole horde of unwelcome visitors.

I call these unwelcome visitors penis poisons, because they are deeply tied to rockiness problems and prostate inflammation.

Penis poisons’ favorite place to take up residence is in the penile endothelium…

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The endothelium works like a gate to control the flow of blood into and out of the penile tissue.

But when the penis poisons hijack the endothelia…

Well, let’s just say that not much blood is going to get past that poisoned gate…so no more rockiness.

And it turns out that penis poisons don’t just hijack your penile blood vessels…

When penis poisons spread all over your body…

…they also invade the super-sensitive prostate.

And these poisonous endotoxins inflame men’s prostates, making it difficult and even painful to ejaculate and urinate.

So gut health = sexual health for men

Your gut is home to the vast majority of your microbiome — the bacteria that occupy your gut and directly impact the penis poison levels in your body.

A healthy gut microbiome that isn’t leaking will dramatically reduce overall penis poisons in your body…

…and leads to much better rockiness, a healthier prostate, and more vibrant sexual health.

And know that when I talk about the gut, I’m talking about more than just your tummy.

I’m talking about your entire gut system — your belly and your bowels.  

Stomach, small intestine, and large intestine.

Some people find it gross, but it’s WAY too important not to talk about.

And I don’t know about you…

…but I think not being able to get a stiffy is a lot more embarrassing than talking about my poop.

So what does a healthy gut actually look like?

A healthy gut is a gut that isn’t leaky.

A healthy gut has two (or three) well-formed bowel movements a day.

1 bowel movement in the morning, and 1 in the evening.

At a minimum.

Well formed…without soiling your underwear or the toilet paper. Each wipe is clean.

If you’re on that schedule, you know you don’t have a leaky gut.

And you know that you aren’t letting penis poisons take up residence in your penis, your prostate, and the rest of your body.

If you’re not sure how healthy your gut is, there’s a very simple test that you can try today.

I call it the red beet test.

You’ll need some red beets for this test, of course, but it doesn’t matter how you eat them.

You can even eat them raw on a salad, but I recommend cooking them.

Once you’ve eaten the beets, it should take about 12 hours before you notice them in your stool.

And you’ll notice them, because your stool will be a distinct red color.

If it takes longer than 12 hours, then your gut is too slow.

If it takes less than 12 hours, then your gut is great!

Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 days! That is a really slow gut and you can’t be healthy and have good rockiness with a slow gut.

And remember: during the time it took those red beets to pass through your gut microbiome…

…they were spewing penis poisons everywhere.

Luckily, red beets are pretty healthy, so unlike fatty foods high in PUFAs they don’t really create a lot of penis poisons.

Imagine instead of red beets though, you ate something extremely high in PUFAs, like potato chips…

Imagine those potato chips slowly moving through your gut.

Reaching your gut microbiome and mixing with the untreated sewage that’s already there.

Then leaking out of your gut and slowly trickling through the rest of your body, poisoning everything they touch until they get to your penis.

Now imagine that happening over years and years, nearly every meal that you’ve eaten for decades…

…and that’s what an older man’s gut microbiome is like.

THAT’S the real reason that a man’s rockiness gets worse as he ages, and his prostate gets swollen.

NOT because of some unstoppable force of aging that all men are doomed to.

It all has to do with a leaky gut…

So how can you patch a leaky gut and get rid of the penis poisons?

There’s 2 ways that I know of…

The first is really hard, but it will get you a fantastic result.

Sure, you’ll have to eat all these weird foods…

Take a bunch of obscure and expensive herbs…

Purge and fast, over and over again…

…and in a few months you’ll have patched your leaky gut.

I didn’t want to do any of that though, so I found another way…

I wanted faster results for less money.

I wanted something easy enough that I could do it wherever I am.

So I developed what I call my Clean Organ Protocol — and it’s worked wonders for me…

And I really think it can work wonders for you!

That’s why I’m giving it away free here — and remember: only the first 99 guys get this for free


–Matt Cook