Is the worst still to come?

Male customer at the pharmacy

Here we go again


Hey, it’s Matt and it’s happening again

They’re threatening to shut the country down, reinforce mask mandates, and keep us all at home…

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And the latest push is the new shot. They want everyone to get one.

Now look, I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories.

I believe in science.

And that’s why I haven’t gotten the new jab in the arm. And I probably never will.

I have a healthy distrust in Big Pharma — for very good reasons…

And I refuse to get any experimental drug pushed into my body when I know several over the counter remedies will do the trick just fine.

These remedies are cheap and readily available.

Some of them have been around for more than 100 years.

And when you combine these cheap remedies the way I am, they can be super effective at defeating any sort of bug…


And they work by helping us control the cytokine storm that happens in our immune systems when we get exposed to sickness.

If the cytokine storm is too weak or too strong, it can make you really sick…even kill you…

But if you control the cytokine storm and give your body the tools it needs to fight off an attack, you will be fine.

In fact, you may not even have any symptoms at all.

That’s why some people who got the virus didn’t even know they had it.

And that’s why there are probably hundreds of thousands of us that have had it already…and never got tested and don’t even know it…

Which means we’d already be protected by our natural immunity, like this study here says:

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So forget the double jab — it’s not for me.

Instead, I’m using my own little protocol to stay healthy and protect the ones I love.

You can see what I’m doing here — it’s super simple and uses remedies you can find almost anywhere


–Matt Cook