Increase penile oxygen — it’s essential to your love life

Mature Couple Enjoying Meal At Outdoor Restaurant smiling at each other

“Help! He’s choking!” his girlfriend shouts.


I’ll never forget that day in the restaurant…

…I look over and see a man turning purple in the face and desperately clawing at his throat.

And without even thinking, I’m jumping up and rushing to the man’s side to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

It takes two tries, and I can feel and hear him take these enormous breaths.

He can breathe again.

And my kids get to see their dad save the day. They never forgot it either…

Matt Cook here, and that one single event stayed with me for a long time…and it helped me make an incredible breakthrough…

It was years later when I was sitting on the edge of the bed and looking down at my limp member, wondering why I wasn’t getting as stiff and engorged as I used to get…

And I suddenly remembered that day in the restaurant and how the man was literally choking for air…

And it made me wonder… is my penis, prostate, and testicles choking for air too?

So I started doing some research…

Tissue hypoxia is what it’s called — and it’s when the male member isn’t getting enough oxygen.

And believe it or not, this lack of oxygen “down there” is the cause of almost all “rockiness” problems in men.

You may be breathing in a lot of air — but what counts is how much oxygen actually reaches your penile tissues, your prostate, and your testicles:

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And how does oxygen reach the male member? Through blood flow.

Men need lots of oxygen-rich blood flowing to their members to get big, thick, and engorged boners.

So I started coming up with a protocol that could reverse tissue hypoxia and bring men even more oxygen “down there”…

And I’m proud to say it works… in as little as 7 minutes…

I call it the Oxygenate Your Penis protocol, and it doubles the amount of oxygen-rich blood flowing through a man’s penile chambers.

It’s like the heimlich maneuver for your member.

And thanks to this protocol, my member is always big and engorged when I get stiff, and I never have to worry about my member choking for air.

And I’m confident this protocol will work for you too… so confident that I’m giving it to you for FREE today.

Here’s my Oxygenate Your Penis protocol for men who want bigger, better, and thicker boners.


–Matt Cook