I’m using my pointing finger in a special way — it drives my wife wild!

Young beautiful woman wearing lingerie over red isolated background amazed and surprised looking up and pointing with fingers and raised arms

Just this one finger and she can’t stop gushing


Hey, it’s Matt, and this may sound weird… but I’ve been using my pointing finger in a particular way…

And let me tell you something…

…it drives my wife WILD with pleasure!

Seriously, I couldn’t wait to sit down and write this email and share this with you.

It’s crazy how well this works and I’m really just using my pointing finger in a way you’ve never thought of before.

And now my wife is practically begging me to take her to the bedroom which feels really good as a man…

Because I’m confident I’m giving her exactly what she needs, pleasure wise.

And she won’t want to be with anyone else for as long as she lives!

Try this pointing finger technique yourself and let me know how it goes — you can use it with your wife, girlfriend, or a new girl you’re taking home for the first time


–Matt Cook