I’m setting the record straight

Man with wooden crate full of products at table in kitchen.

This is ridiculous


Hey, Matt Cook here, this is the truth — 99% of the so-called gurus are dead wrong…

No wonder so many men are suffering…

The so-called gurus are telling men to burn MORE FAT and that is precisely what men are doing.

They are doing keto.

They are doing low carb-high fat diets.

They are trying like crazy to burn fat…

…and they are getting more sick, more flaccid, more flabby…

That’s when I realized there is a connection…

Fat burning causes men to sport a flaccid flat tire, and a fat middle.

Sugar burning causes men to have a sky high libido, rocky member, and to be healthful and youthful no matter what their chronological age.

…I’ve found that, contrary to what we’ve all been told…

…youth is sugar-burning, so a sugar-burning metabolism is the key to reclaiming your health and vitality as a man.

So if you have any of the following health problems or conditions, like:

  • Prostate issues
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Rockiness problems
  • Diabetes
  • Low libido

…then I can pretty much guarantee that you are mostly burning fat and not sugar.

And in order to reverse all these health problems, and gain a powerful rocky male member…you’ve got to kickstart your body into burning sugar again.

Now that I’m burning sugar, I am experiencing a phenomenal gain.

I have so much energy.

I have a terrific romantic life with my wife.

I have mental focus and mental energy that I don’t think I had at age 20.

And now that my body is accustomed to burning sugar again, I don’t depend on any high priced supplements or medications.

I’m warm, and I’m burning sugar, and I’m at my ideal weight for my situation and age.

For me, burning sugar has proven to be the key to having high testosterone, strong, lean muscles, high libido, great health, and a fantastic sex life.

So if you want to burn sugar again, how do you do it?

I had to look back at decades of literature to discover a natural way to kickstart the body into burning sugar…

But all the long nights of research are well worth it.

Because I’ve developed a simple trick that any man can do to flip this switch

And for most men, this one trick can kickstart the body into burning sugar again in as little as 2 weeks.


–Matt Cook