I’m getting fat — please help

Sad overweight man in formal wear looking at mirror reflection isolated on white

Can I turn this around? Please help


Hey, Matt Cook here, and several years ago I’m taking a shower and I look down…

…and I can’t even see my own d*ck anymore.

My belly has gotten so big that it’s blocking the view.

And this frustrates me because I’ve been dieting, I’ve been exercising. I’ve been doing everything they say to do for fat loss.

But none of it is working for me. My belly is still poking out and my arms are flabby.

And this sucks, getting old and getting fat.

Now, here is a key point:

When I was a young man, I could eat whatever I wanted all the time and never work out…

…and I would stay thin with strong muscles, even if I drank beer and ate pizza.

So what’s changed?

Why do I keep gaining belly fat even when I try to eat healthy and exercise?

Something is different now. But what?

I’m reading medical studies and talking to scientists, researchers, people on Youtube who have big followings and claim to easily lose fat…

But I discover a shocking truth about fat loss as we get older — a truth that they never tell you!

Let me spell it out.

I discover that there’s two main types of fat in the body — brown fat and white fat.

Most fat is white fat, and that’s the fat stored all over the body that we’re always trying to lose.

But there’s also brown fat, which isn’t as common.

Babies have a lot of brown fat. But it disappears quickly — unless they live in a really cold place.

But for most of us, we have tons of white fat, and very little brown fat.

Brown fat is unique because it consumes vast stores of energy and burns it as carbon dioxide.

Even a small increase in brown fat can raise your core body temperature — and let you get thin by simply burning off your body’s fat reserves.

But, it ain’t so easy…

…because the main problem is that white fat is hard to get rid of once it’s formed.

So how can I get rid of white fat, and increase brown fat?

Eventually I am going back to the early 20th century…

And I stumble onto this 1930s study that blows this whole concept out of the water…

This 1930s study was focusing on men and fat loss, and increasing brown fat while burning off white fat…

Here’s the chart showing the days the men spend with this odd supplement, and body weight…

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In 14 days, most of the men were down 14 pounds.

And by day 30, another 10 pounds.

Their fat was just melting away, and being replaced by firm, strong muscles.

And this wasn’t unusual, it was TYPICAL.

These men did NOT diet, they did NOT exercise…

They ate what they wanted and never even felt hungry anymore.

Today, doctors and scientists tell you that it’s “impossible” to lose weight without strenuous exercise and starvation dieting.

Yet look at these men from this 1930s study — they lost so much fat!

So what were they doing? How did these men lose so much fat so quickly…

I have to really dig deep here — it takes me months and months of research to find what I’m looking for.

The answer lays in this odd supplement those men are taking.

It’s almost like this odd supplement has been covered up or buried on purpose…

The men from this 1930s experiment are using an odd supplement called Thermo 3 to burn up fat.

And Thermo 3 works by getting the body to use mitochondrial uncoupling to burn up white fat.

So with Thermo 3, men can in theory sit around and eat chips and still burn up to 1800 calories a day of pure fat!

It works by getting the body to use that stubborn white fat for energy — to turn the fat into body heat and expel it as carbon dioxide.

So basically, these men were taking Thermo 3 and just “breathing” the fat out!

Incredible, right?

So incredible that the FDA stepped in and banned Thermo 3.

They banned Thermo 3 so no other men could use it. It worked too well you see.

It was making all the other weight loss products and even gym memberships obsolete.

They couldn’t let this happen, so they banned Thermo 3 and men haven’t been able to get it since.

Now, the truth is, something as powerful as Thermo 3 is going to have side effects.

And it’s going to be abused.

Men can use Thermo 3 sensibly to lose fat, and it’s very safe.

But in those days, people piled into Thermo 3 and consumed way too much.

And that gave the FDA the excuse to ban Thermo 3.

So I don’t believe the old Thermo 3 is the way to go, to lose white fat.

But I can’t stop thinking about Thermo 3 and its ability to turn all fat into body heat.

I start thinking that maybe I can get the body to do this naturally, like my own natural version of Thermo 3…

Maybe there’s a way to mimic the effects of Thermo 3 in men using similar ingredients…

So men can get rid of the belly fat and the chest fat, without having to do any extreme dieting or exercise plans.

I think I may know a way, I just have to do a little more experimentation…

I’ve come up with a way to build muscle and lose fat and here it is in this quick video


–Matt Cook