I’m declining so fast — how to stop it?

Man at the big table with food

Why is this happening to me?


It’s 2005. And I’m trying to figure this out…

How can I live past 50?

Hey, Matt Cook here, and in my 20s, I could stay up late and still wake up early, full of energy…with rocky morning wood…

…and I had what seemed like unlimited stamina in bed…

And I could eat and drink whatever I wanted without gaining a pound.

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Life was simple.

I wasn’t taking any prescription medications or worrying about my health at all.

In fact, I didn’t even think about what I ate — burgers, fries, whatever. It didn’t seem to matter…

Because I could eat less and you could see my abs.

And if I ate more, the abs would disappear.

So it was easy to be at whatever weight I desired.

But…a few decades later, in my 40s, it seemed that I would never see those abs again…

And more recently, I could look down in the shower and not even see “Dr. Willie” — my stomach blocked the view.

I could eat less and it didn’t seem to make any difference in my body fat at all.

You may have discovered something weird happens when a guy hits 40 or 50…

…suddenly he’s got to go to the doctor, he’s on pills, and he’s falling apart sexually it seems.

That’s the road many or most of us seem to travel.

It was me except I was on 6 medications and I was sick since I was a baby…

So for me, it became an exercise trying to remain optimistic.

I was sure that I wasn’t going to live past 50.

And that is what started me on this journey in the late 1990s…and in earnest in 2005.

It started me on a path of becoming a full time health researcher.

Of figuring out what was wrong and how to make it right again.

I didn’t figure doctors had much to do with regaining my health and my sexual stamina.

I had a few physician friends and if anything, they were as bad off as I was if not worse.

What helped me was when I studied energy.

How energy is produced in the body.

Biochemistry stuff…but what made it simple was when I remembered being a kid…

Don’t you remember being a kid and being warm and full of energy all the time?

I’d go outside to play in the cold and mom would be chasing me holding my jacket and yelling for me to put it on.

But I don’t remember ever being cold.

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So when I am studying energy, I’m realizing that something changed in my body between then and now.

What changed is how cells are producing energy. Youthful cells use sugar to make energy.

Older cells use fat to make energy.

You wouldn’t think that is true because so many of us older folks are fat.

But actually it is true. We burn sugar in youth, and fat as we age.

The reason we are fat when we are BURNING fat for energy is something that I figured out only later.

But what I’m realizing as I’m sitting here, months of research behind me, months ahead of me, is that…

Burning fat for energy is a BAD thing.

Everyone thinks it’s good to burn fat…

“Turn your body into a fat burning machine” is what every diet plan screams.

Every so-called guru says “burn fat” and there are these keto and low carb diets all designed to get you to burn fat.

But is it true? Here’s what I found…

We are obviously designed to burn sugar OR fat.

But we can not store much sugar — so our body takes calories that are extra — and converts those extra calories to FAT.

And it stores the fat.

Over time, our cells start running down. And we begin burning more and more fat, and less and less sugar.

And when your body is only burning fat for a long time, all of these bad stress hormones are produced…

  • High estrogen
  • High cortisol
  • High serotonin

Burning fat creates high levels of stress hormones and lots of inflammation inside your body.

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And when you have massive inflammation throughout your body, you get sick…

It can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux, prostate inflammation, sometimes even cancer.

And it almost always shows up in men in the form of “rockiness” problems…

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…and high stress hormones lower testosterone… 

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And it gets worse than that…

When your body is only burning fat, it starts acting like you’re starving.

Your body associates burning fat with starvation — the need to tap into body fat in order to survive.

Some fat burning is normal. But excessive fat burning — like I’m talking about…

It causes your body to think things are going pretty badly — it hangs onto EVERY calorie.

Now you know why it’s been so hard to lose body fat.

Your body is PURPOSELY hanging on to every calorie, every gram of fat…

…because it thinks things are pretty bad out there in the world and it is trying to help you by making you fat so you can survive the bad times.

That’s why burning fat and high stress hormones go together.

And this is why you can eat less and less and still gain fat.

In fact, eating less tells your body, “you are right, things are pretty bad out there, you need to hold onto EVERY CALORIE…”

All the food you eat immediately gets turned into fat:

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That was a clue that led me to the huge breakthrough that I’m sharing with you…

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If youth means burning SUGAR, maybe we are all making a huge mistake?

No wonder so many men are suffering…

The so-called gurus are telling men to burn more FAT and that is precisely what men are doing.

They are doing keto.

They are doing low carb-high fat diets.

They are trying like crazy to burn fat…

…and they are getting more sick, more flaccid, more flabby…

That’s when I realized there is a connection.

Fat burning causes men to sport a flaccid flat tire, and a fat middle…

Sugar burning causes men to have a sky high libido, rocky member, and to be healthful and youthful no matter what their chronological age.

…I had found that, contrary to what we’ve all been told…

…youth is sugar-burning, so a sugar-burning metabolism is the key to reclaiming your health and vitality as a man.

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So if you have any of the following health problems or conditions, like:

  • Prostate issues
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • “Rockiness” problems
  • Diabetes
  • Low libido
  • …even cancer…

…then I can pretty much guarantee that you are mostly burning fat and not sugar.

And in order to reverse all these health problems, and gain a powerful rocky male member…you’ve got to kickstart your body into burning sugar again.

When I have been figuring out how to kickstart my body into burning sugar…

I am experiencing a phenomenal gain.

I have so much energy.

I have a terrific romantic life with my wife.

I have mental focus and mental energy that I don’t think I had at age 20.

And now that my body is accustomed to burning sugar again, I don’t depend on any high priced supplements or medications.

I’m warm, and I’m burning sugar, and I’m at my ideal weight for my situation and age.

For me, burning sugar has proven to be the key to having high testosterone, strong, lean muscles, high libido, great health, and a fantastic sex life.

So if you want to burn sugar again, how do you do it?

I had to look back at decades of literature to discover a natural way to kickstart the body into burning sugar…

But all the long nights of research are well worth it.

Because I’ve developed a simple trick that any man can do to flip this switch…

I call it — the sippy cup activity.

All you need to do is use the sippy cup activity to naturally kickstart your body into burning sugar again.

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It’s so easy, a child could do it.

And just like a child, you will have a hot, high metabolism again.

The sippy cup activity works for diabetics, prediabetics, and men who are suffering from virtually any chronic health problem. 

And it most certainly works for any man who wants to live a long, healthy, happy, sexy life.

Kickstarting the body into burning sugar is what restores a youthful metabolism, high testosterone and other male androgens…

…and it reverses blood sugar problems, prostate inflammation, brain fog, heart disease, high blood pressure, and rockiness problems.

The sippy cup activity kick starts your body into burning sugar and starts making a noticeable difference in as little as 2 weeks.

So don’t wait — discover how to use the sippy cup activity to restore a sugar-burning metabolism for free right now.

…and join me in having a hot, high metabolism that allows you to feel as good as you did 20 or 30 years ago, maybe ever…


–Matt Cook