I’m calling this my Abs Revealer

It’s a 45 second switch that turns excess fat into lean muscle mass

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and in my opinion, both men and women are encouraged to be WAY too skinny.

Men are encouraged to have “abs,” but honestly that low of a body fat percentage isn’t super healthy and I think it can be dangerous.

Here’s Cary Grant and Mae West in the film I’m No Angel and you can see that they aren’t super skinny or ripped:

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I’m not sure when standards started changing, but men now worry about body standards that aren’t super achievable, and are pretty bad for them.

The reality is that having a bit of padding and “lean mass” is far better for your health than being too skinny.

It’s more important to protect the lean muscle mass in your body.

And that’s why I love Thermo 3 — in just 45 seconds, it allows me to start burning up to 1800 calories of fat a day while protecting and building lean muscle mass


–Matt Cook