If you have hypertension and are Covid-19 concerned, read this

[Covid-19] Coronavirus concept.man and women wearing mask for protect pm2.5 and show stop hands gesture for stop Covid-19 outbreak.Wuhan coronavirus and epidemic virus symptoms.

I have discovered a very important effect of hypertension on COVID-19 sufferers


The powers-that-be insist you should stick to your regimen even if you get COVID-19.

But they are very slow to respond to the latest science out of China and Italy.

So if you have hypertension, you MUST watch this short video where I reveal a hidden factor that may be responsible for most COVID-19 deaths that I’ve analyzed…

…and a change you can make that could make you LESS at risk.

Click for this brand new video on the link between virus deaths and high blood pressure.


–Matt Cook



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