I will be completely open with you — this may shock you

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For a long time I had problems getting “rocky” but once I solved those (and I’ll tell you how in a moment) — I had another problem…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and let me tell you — this is VERY personal, as personal as it gets, but I will try to be completely open with you.

The fact is that it takes women 5 or 10 minutes just to feel in the mood, and another 10 or 15 minutes to get lubricated and really get into the ACT.

But for us guys, we are designed to just become rocky, stick it in, and come.

That’s because in the old days, if you saw a pretty girl you were supposed to be able to impregnate her quickly and that’s what led to the perpetuation of the species.

However, there was also more to it in my case…

Our lizard brains have a way of convincing us that something wrong is really right.

By now, my relationship with Jodi had really deteriorated and I was alone every night with my computer for hours at a time, wanking it to adult material.

Sometimes for hours. It’s called edging.

And you see, my brain convinced me that edging would help me in the sack with Jodi.

My wife Jodi would be asleep in the bedroom and I would be wanking for hours at a time…

I thought this would help me avoid coming too fast inside Jodi, but it did not.

All it did was make me feel less and less attraction for her. Less and less sensation in my penis.

And I got a new problem — I couldn’t come inside her at all!

I would just grind away for 45 minutes until she’d ask if she could leave.

She was getting sore. There were things to do, laundry to fold.

That basically is where I was at and believe me, it eats away at you. And it eats away at your relationship.

And this is where I was…

  • I used to have terrible problems — I couldn’t get “rocky”
  • Or I would go soft in the middle of intercourse
  • Then once solved, I started to come too fast — in just 1 or 2 minutes
  • Then I couldn’t even come at all inside my wife

And I realized that I’m not alone…

I found that there are 3 distinct types of “rockiness” problems that most men suffer from:

  1. Not getting “rocky”
  2. Going soft during intercourse
  3. Coming too fast

Some men suffer from just one type and some suffer from all 3 types of “rockiness” problems (like I did).

And in case you think it’s easy to just take something your doc gives you…

These treatments for “rockiness” can cause cancerous melanoma:

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They can cause hearing loss:

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They can even cause blindness:

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And for many men, these treatments just stop working after a while, if they even work at all…

6 out of 10 men find they just stop working.

So this is what I ended up doing…

I did find something that worked.

It not only got me “rocky” — I could come when I wanted to…and I could make the pleasure last as long as I want.

And it’s nothing that is special with me. It’s my discovery that I made.

I would have been the last person on earth to discover this sex stuff.

But I ended up as a full time job finding the reason for the problem.

I studied, I visited people all around the world, I spent time in Asia and in South America and in Japan and Italy…

And after spending long nights in my office, reading studies until my eyes start watering, thinking about it every waking moment…

Finally I find a breakthrough.

Here’s the biggest thing I’ve discovered…

All 3 types of “rockiness” problems are caused by the same issue — desensitization.

Have you heard of desensitization before? It refers to a loss of feeling and sensation in the penis.

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And many men can lose the majority of feeling and sensitivity in their penis as they age, without even realizing it.

It happens gradually over time… and then suddenly you’re struggling with one or more types of “rockiness” problems and not sure why.

And doctors don’t talk about desensitization. Most don’t even know what it means.

But I’ve been studying desensitization for years now, and I believe I know what causes desensitization in the first place…

…something called sexual triggers…

Sexual triggers are things that trick the brain into thinking it’s sexy time — like a really sexy commercial with a half-naked woman…

…or a really sexy billboard with MANY half-naked women on it…

Sexual triggers can be in music, in TV and movies, anywhere really…

And as soon as we recognize one of these sexual triggers, our brains think — GREAT! It’s time to get it on!

And our brain starts sending more blood flow to the penis and producing chemicals for sex.

Yet… nothing happens. We pass that billboard on our way to work. No sex.

We watch that commercial and then go back to the normal programming. No sex.

And our body goes: Hey, what’s going on? We thought it was sexy time.

And eventually, after our body gets “tricked” like this time and time again, it just stops responding in the same way.

It thinks it is “smartening up” to help us…

…but in reality, it causes us to lose feeling “down there” and our members not to respond when we really DO want to have sex.

And this leads to massive desensitization — we don’t respond right to sexy things.

So even if our wife is standing in front of us naked and suggesting dirty fun things in our ear, our bodies won’t respond the way we want them to.

Super frustrating, I know!

So what can we do about these sexual triggers and desensitization? 

Well unfortunately, sexual triggers are everywhere in our environment. We can’t just make them go away.

But I’ve been doing a lot of experiments on myself, and doing even more research, trying to figure out a way to reverse desensitization…

Because I’ve realized — if all 3 types of “rockiness” problems are caused by desensitization…

…then all 3 types of “rockiness” problems can be reversed with the same solution!

And I think I’ve found a super simple way to reverse desensitization at home…

I need to do a little bit more testing on it, but I think it could be really promising.

And if I do succeed with this, I would love to share it with you and other men who are interested.

I probably won’t even charge a dime for it. (Depending on what my publisher says of course.)

So if this sounds like something you’re into, I need your vote — please click here and let me know that you want the solution…we need lots of guys to click so that we can convince my publisher

And keep your eye out for Wednesday’s email for an update on this!


–Matt Cook