I wanted a truncheon in my pants

Who doesn’t!

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and more and more men are opting for surgical penis enlargement.

But is it worth it?

One man who got the procedure done over a year ago says this:

“I paid $10,000 and they mutilated me. It was butchery.

My partner said it looked like a war wound. My [rockiness] is basically ruined.”

So how does the procedure work? Well I’ll tell you…

First, surgeons sever the member’s suspensory ligament, causing it to hang an inch or two lower, giving the impression of extra length.

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They then extract fat from the patient’s stomach and inject it into the penis shaft, increasing girth by around two inches.

But it’s worth noting that the member remains roughly the same size when rocky.

After the procedure, men have to take at least a week off work and the penis remains bandaged for 10 days.

Sex is off the cards for a month, sometimes longer.

Doctors even give men rockiness suppressants, so men won’t rip their stitches open.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Like a real treat. ��

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No judgment for any man who has had this procedure done. I understand the pressures to have a bigger unit.

However, a man doesn’t have to mutilate himself to get bigger…

It can actually feel really good, believe it or not…

Here’s what I’m doing to get bigger naturally (and I’m doing it in the shower) — adds real inches in length AND girth that a woman can see AND feel


–Matt Cook