I want more size

Happy couple in bed smiling at camera

Can I really gain safely “down there”?


Hey, Matt Cook here, and one day, I ask my wife a question that changes everything…

“Do I look smaller to you?”

Maybe I was expecting her to lie… or maybe I really did need the truth…

But when my loving wife, Jodi, says: “Yes, maybe a little smaller…”

…it set me on a path to figure out WHY I was shrinking “down there” and how to get my size back.

See, I’ve been struggling with my performance as well as my size…

I’m soft all the time, even when I really, really want to make love to my wife.

And the longer this problem goes on, the smaller I look!

What is happening to me?

The doctor couldn’t tell me… he has no idea…

He thinks my shrinkage problem is all in my head… then he offered to write me a prescription for Viagra.

But I’ve tried those treatments before — they never work for me.

And they don’t do anything about my size problem either.

So being a health researcher, I start investigating my shrinkage problem and I stumble onto this study:

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In this 1992 study, researchers used ultrasound technology on a group of 44 men to examine blood flow to the male member…

And they found that the more blood flow into the male member, the better it is for “rockiness.”

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In fact, the penile chambers must be filled up with blood for “rockiness” to happen at all.

See these 3 chambers of the male member in the diagram below?

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The two largest chambers that you see are fed by hair-thin arteries, believe it or not.

And oxygen-rich blood needs to be flowing through these hair-thin arteries for “rockiness” to happen.

More blood flowing through these tiny arteries means more regular, full boners.

So I start to realize that I have a blood flow problem — this is why I’m so soft, even when I want to make love to my wife.

But what about my shrinkage? Is this also a blood flow problem?

I do more research and find this study:

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This study shows that when men aren’t getting good blood flow for a long period of time, something called “tissue hypoxia” occurs.

And tissue hypoxia refers to “oxygen starvation” in the body.

Basically, it means your member is starving for oxygen.

Because with blood flow comes oxygen — oxygen to the member. And if there is no blood flow going down there at all…

…the member is not getting enough oxygen to perform as it should…

And when the member is starved of oxygen for a long time, the tissue starts dying…

The cells and tissue in the penis aren’t getting oxygenated, so they start to shrivel up and die

So THIS is why my member is looking smaller, softer, and even a little shrunken up!

Tissue hypoxia is to blame.

Not enough oxygen-rich blood flow.

And I knew it was true because I hadn’t gotten morning wood in a very long time…

Morning wood is a sign that penile blood flow is good, that the member is getting enough oxygen even while you’re asleep.

So if morning wood stops, you know you have a blood flow problem.

So now I’m certain I have bad blood flow, especially “down there.”

It’s causing me “rockiness” problems and making my member look smaller and smaller.

But now that I know the problem, I can work on the solution.

And from what I’ve discovered, it sounds like if I boost blood flow, I boost size!

Could it really be possible?

I’m working on this right now, and I’m finally feeling optimistic again about my shrinkage problem.

I have an idea on how I might boost blood flow… I’m testing it and should have answers soon…

In the meantime, if you’re wondering if bad blood flow is hurting your “rockiness” or size…

watch this quick video I just made that will help you figure out if you have a blood flow problem too.

And look out for Wednesday’s message… I think I may have something you can try by then…


–Matt Cook