I needed to lose my belly and regain my potency

Young woman touching her belly fat and gesturing with her hand isolated on white background

What 17,328 studies revealed — a shocker…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I needed a way to lose all that belly fat that was growing around my middle…

And I needed a way to regain the potency I remember as a younger man…

Was that belly fat causing the potency problem?

It started with random googling…then led me to 27 months of intense research…

…over 17,328 medical studies reviewed…

My wife thought I was nuts.

My buddies quit inviting me out because I was always too busy with my research.

I remember the day when I found the insight that was to power my life over the next 7 years and even today…

It has to do with fat burning…with creating a raging hot metabolism…and strangely enough, a myth about sugar.

If you are trying to lose fat, and gain better performance as a man, check out my findings here.


–Matt Cook


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