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Hey, Matt Cook here, and have you grabbed a copy of my newest book yet?

It’s called Romance to 120 and here’s what men are saying about it:

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And I’d love to hear what you think about the book — so if you go here, you can get the book for just $5!

That’s 83% off regular retail price and I’m also throwing in some pretty awesome bonuses. Here’s a peek…

  • Masculinity Robbers: Avoiding Toxins Hidden in Your Kitchen and Bathroom ($9 value) Get ready to discover things you’ve never, ever been told about your drinking water, including how bottled water may be the WORST kind of water a man can drink. The key to unlocking optimal male health and performance is as easy as avoiding these Terrible Toxins Hiding in Your Water…
  • Perfect Prostate ($27 value) I went through a period of terrible prostate problems — waking up over and over in the night to urinate, struggling to empty my bladder, feeling the urge to go all the time…It especially hurt my romantic life with my wife. Luckily, this really simple Prostate Protocol got rid of all my annoying pee problems and healed my prostate naturally.
  • How to Make Her Your Loyal, Loving Girlfriend ($27 value) If you’ve been single for a while and are finally feeling ready to settle down with one good woman, all you have to do is Ask a Girl This One Question and she’ll be yours forever…It’s all up to you! This gives you all the power…
  • The $2 Solution to Chronic Pain ($19 value) I have discovered several natural solutions that work for all kinds of pain: knee pain, back pain, sore feet, headaches, tooth pain, stomach pain, you name it. Better yet, most of these Natural Pain Solutions work so well, most men don’t have to keep taking them longer than a few weeks because the pain is gone for good!
  • 6 Medications That Can Lead to a Dead Bedroom and Substitutes to Ask Your Doctor About ($19 value) I lost the ability to be with my wife physically. And eventually, I discovered the pills were the problem. In fact, I’ve found 8 medications men often take that lead to a dead bedroom at home, along with alternative treatments that often help bring rockiness back.
  • 20/10 Vision ($19 value) I’m telling all my friends and family about this One Crazy Superfood that has the power to restore men’s eyesight, prevent cataracts, and even reduce the need for reading glasses! I feel like I see better now than I have my entire life, thanks to this one food…
  • 5 Foods for 20-Year-Old Testosterone ($27 value) Great news for men who want higher T: I’ve discovered 5 Delicious Foods that can help men double or even triple their current testosterone levels. Right now, thanks to these foods, my T is higher than a 20-something year old boy!

…and even more free bonuses, some of a very intimate nature…

All I ask is that you write me a testimony and let me know what you think!

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–Matt Cook