I got treated but now it’s worse

Will my life end sooner now?

Hey, Matt Cook here, and controlling blood pressure with Big Pharma treatments is designed around the idea that:

 High blood pressure itself causes an increase in all-cause mortality.

The claim is that if you have high blood pressure and it is not controlled with treatments, you are more likely to suffer a stroke or a heart attack.

If you have high blood pressure and it is not treated, you are more likely to die sooner than you would otherwise.

That’s the claim.

But is it true?

If you are a Big Pharma company and you develop a new treatment, you don’t have to show that the treatment prolongs life.

In fact, in order for a blood pressure treatment to be approved, it doesn’t have to extend lifespan or contribute to a better life.

It just has to lower blood pressure.

Big Pharma has introduced many treatments that lower blood pressure but may actually diminish lifespan, lower the quality of life, and make it more likely for a person to die sooner than they would otherwise.

Here is a study where they set out to determine the risk of dying sooner amongst people who were treated or not treated for high blood pressure.

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They actually found that for elderly people, they found a 60% increase in mortality for those who are treated.

Not being treated was a huge advantage.

So what should a man do if he has high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is still something you should address… if only because of blood flow.

High blood pressure means there is a problem with blood flow.

And if you want great rockiness as a man, you need good, strong blood flow.

So this is what I am doing to improve manly blood flow – and it naturally lowers my pressure 


–Matt Cook