I get steaming mad when I see something like this

Proof that us men are being taken advantage of

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I get steaming mad when I see headlines like this:

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Because here’s what it’s actually saying…

“Big Pharma continues to get filthy rich by prescribing often avoidable and unnecessary prostate procedures to unsuspecting men.”

That’s the real story…

These prostate procedures are a cash cow for Big Pharma… but are they in men’s best interest?

Every day, I am hearing terrible stories from men who have made awful mistakes with their prostates.

Like this man who says:


“I had this butchery 3 years ago and have been living in a state of depression ever since.”

And this man who says:


“Had a GLL four years ago.


For reasons as yet unexplained, the heat from the laser got up into my bladder and opened up all the little blood vessels there.


My bladder bled out, shrunk down,lost all elasticity and died..


There is no recovery.


Looking back, I would never do the GLL, going to the bathroom 10 or 15 times a day would be much prefered to my life today.”

And this is from Mike, one of my students who was asking me:


“If you don’t have a prostate anymore, will anything work for me?


I had it taken out eight years ago…


The prostate was healthy and was removed for “health” reasons.


Is there anything I can do to get back my bedroom life….I am going to be 62 soon….


Hopefully you can help me. If not, I am screwed for the rest of my life.”

None of these men were told to try natural methods before going under the knife.

In many cases, men can reverse their prostate problems, even cancer, without needing pills or procedures.

I’ve seen it happen again and again with men who are using my Prostate Shrinking Machine.

These men go from waking up all night with pee problems to sleeping soundly all night long…

…to having no morning wood, no rockiness to speak of — to suddenly getting spontaneous boners all the time…

These men are maintaining a healthy prostate all on their own and enjoying a tremendous sex life again…

…free from doctor’s visits, hospitals, and operating rooms.

So please — give my Prostate Shrinking Machine a try before you let anyone cut or snip you.

It’s free and totally natural, and it’s working for thousands of men, including me.

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–Matt Cook