I found out why I was fat and limp — and then this happened

A man in blue jeans and a t-shirt with a fat belly on a white background

…for men who want to lose belly fat and get strong “towel-hanging” rocky ones…


Fat that won’t come off — that was my problem.

And I wasn’t eating all that much.

Plus I’d get persistent “rockiness” problems on and off. Ugh!

In between, I discovered that my body was in a full time 24 hour a day “emergency mode…”

..because every time I cut calories…

…my body thought I was starving and simply turned food into fat.

This is the cycle I was on — maybe you’re on it too.

Metabolism falls.

Rockiness crashes.

And you have more and more of a belly.

Plus your blood sugar readings start crawling up into “prediabetes” territory — then full on “type 2.”

Here is the actual answer — to losing belly fat and gaining startling “towel hanging” rocky ones that you remember as a teenager.


–Matt Cook