I defied my doctors with this dangerous testosterone experiment

And now my testosterone is up past 900


Hey, Matt Cook here, and one of the first health experiments I ever conducted on myself landed me an interview with ABC News, believe it or not.

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But my doctors were freaking out… none of them wanted me to go through with what they called my “dangerous” experiment…

And now I know why… because everything I’m doing works better than anything they can prescribe…

There’s nothing dangerous about this… my testosterone is now up past 900!

And what I’ve discovered is completely natural… it drives your testicles to produce testosterone at an unprecedented rate…

And this is awesome for building muscle mass. You don’t even have to work out this way!

Here’s what I did in my “dangerous” testosterone experiment that naturally increased my T, helped me effortlessly build muscle mass, and pissed my doctor off LOL


–Matt Cook