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P.S. Wondering why you need more oxygen down there?

Believe it or not, oxygen is the key to getting great rockiness and looking big and engorged down there.

But some men are suffering from very low penile oxygen levels, even if they have good blood flow.

And the reason why the penis isn’t getting oxygenated anymore is because the cells in the penis aren’t receiving the oxygen from the blood supply.

Picture it like a bus full of passengers…

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The bus stops to drop off its passengers at the correct location… but nobody gets off.

So there’s no room to pick up new passengers. The bus is always full.

No one is getting off the bus, and no one is getting on.

And this makes the bus obsolete. Because it’s not doing its job properly anymore.

It’s just going around in circles, carrying the same passengers around and around…

And that’s exactly what is happening in the body when the penis is low on oxygen.

Think of the bus — it’s passing the cells in the penis, but it’s not stopping to drop off its oxygen supply and pick up the carbon dioxide supply.

The blood whizzes by without oxygenating the penis.

Well the bus is the hemoblogin, the protein that delivers the oxygen.

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And the passengers are the oxygen supply, trying to get to the penis.

So imagine the bus picking up oxygen passengers at the depot, going to the destination, but then returning to the depot without letting off or taking on any passengers…

Well that is what is happening in the body — the blood is traveling to the cells in the penis, but it’s not dropping off its supply of life-giving oxygen.

This is so common a problem that scientists have a name for it — tissue hypoxia.

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In tissue hypoxia, cells are almost smothered to death through lack of oxygen.

And what happens is — they stop performing their normal function.

They simply can’t maintain the health of the penis because they don’t have enough oxygen.

This is precisely why men experience two common problems:

  • Lack of frequent, full boners…
  • …and loss of feeling in the penis

Even the nerve endings in the penis suffer from tissue hypoxia.

So the penis and the nerves virtually shut down — it’s all they can do to avoid becoming gangrenous and infected.

Yes, it can be that bad.

And the longer this goes on, the worse it is for the penis…

Rockiness just gets worse and worse.

Until the penis is literally starving for oxygen, and the cells and tissues in the penis will die if it goes without oxygen for too long.

Low oxygen in the penis can cause permanent impotence if not treated.

So how do you fix this problem and get more oxygen to the penis — naturally, safely, in the comfort of your own home?

Introducing my new Oxygenate the Penis protocol — it can double penis oxygen levels in 7 minutes or less and it’s free for a little longer…