How to use the Orbiting Pearl on her (video)

Takes just 2 fingers and works in 30 seconds or less

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and women are loving this 30 second orgasm technique…

…just look at what they’re saying!

“The best thing my boyfriend has ever done…He’d get me going so bad I can’t take it and I start to squirm a lot.

He kept me there and kept up what he was doing and I ended up having 3 orgasms in a row.


Yup he’s a keeper.”

“All my life i always thought something was wrong with me, because no one was ever cable of giving me orgasms.

i could only make myself have them.

i always feel like shit when men expect me to cum, but nothing ever happens. but this guy..

…he made me cum after half a minute and again again and so many times i lost count.

i kept thinking it wasn’t real. never has anyone ever rocked my world so hard.

But it was not just the feeling he gave me those minutes…but also the feelings he left me with.

i feel like there is hope. for orgasms and me, that is.

many more are waiting out there for me. and perhaps complaints from my neighbors.”

“my boyfriend was fingering me and it was my first ever orgasm… i had about three in a row, about a minute apart.

and had full on tingling all over my body that lasted for 15-20 minutes, i wasn’t able to stand or walk properly for ages”

“Not sure what happened but I started getting this sense of… Euphoria around my body.

I was shaking, in a good way, and grabbing my legs just to have something to grab onto.

Let’s just say I have no idea what happened at the time and I was in a wicked mood afterwards…”

“The man is talented with his fingers, to say the least. I could not stop cumming.

I think I came about once a minute for like 10-20 minutes because he just wouldn’t stop playing with it and I was gasping for breath in between.”

Here’s the 30-second orgasm technique, explained by a woman


–Matt Cook