How to stop keratinization on your member

Couple in love lying on bed and touching each other tenderly

If you ignore it, you can lose up to 90% sensation by the time you’re 55…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and do you know what keratinization is?

It’s when the skin hardens, grows less sensitive, and gets rougher to the touch.

It’s almost like a callous.

Think of a guitar player who strums the guitar for hours on end.

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Eventually his fingertips lose feeling.

And that’s fine for guitar playing.

But what if that same keratinization happens to the male member?

And you start feeling less and less…less sensation, less pleasure…

Not good, right?

And this is happening, right now, to all of us.

From chafing in our underwear, from condoms, from certain soaps, from staying in the water too long…

Keratinization is happening to our members and reducing our sensation all the time.

So how do we stop it?

For me, this is what has been working best — and it works fast, to the point where I was feeling double the pleasure after just one week…


–Matt Cook