How to increase feeling down there (ten times greater)

Legs of a couple in bed, couple lying in bed

Here’s how I went from barely any sensation — to a whisper of wind making me rocky


I wasn’t feeling much down there…and like most guys, it crept up so slowly I didn’t realize it…

It’s like needing glasses…you don’t notice that your eyes aren’t as good as they used to be…

It all happens slowly enough not to notice….

In the penile region, sensation is lost… 80% of sensation gets lost, and then it’s gone, and you don’t notice that it’s gone.

It’s called “desensitization.”

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Then you wonder why things don’t spring up the way they used to.

It’s because the brain isn’t getting penile pleasure signals… that’s why!

But I’ve found that certain solo activities can make it better than EVER…

  • And you can enter her, and have incredible pleasure, tonight
  • And you can last as long as you want, (yes really)
  • And you can have great pleasure… (OMG, tonight…LOL)


Here are the “solo activities” that make you feel 10 times more sensation down there (WOW)


–Matt Cook